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Jasper Gooder Jasper Gooder

Jasper Gooder

Marketing Support

Working in Marketing Support at our London office, Jasper’s responsibilities include running the social media and writing blogs for one of SilverDoor’s sister-brands Central London Apartments. Jasper joined SilverDoor apartments in early July 2019 as a part of the company’s placement scheme. He is currently studying Marketing and Management at Newcastle University.

Originally from Oxford, Jasper is somehow a massive Liverpool FC fan and can be found watching highlights of them lifting the Champions League trophy on repeat!

Prior to joining SilverDoor, Jasper embarked on a year-long sports tour with his mates from Magdalen. Visiting exotic climes and distant lands, Jasper developed a love for travel and an appreciation for business - creating an affinity for business travel. 

Did you know?

Jasper had an audition to play Harry Potter’s son in the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

Check out some of Jasper’s blogs here:

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