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Why travel managers choose SilverDoor

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Why Travel Managers Choose SilverDoor

Crucible Technology Limited is a UK based Information Technology company which has relationships with banks both in the UK and overseas. As a result of this, it is often necessary for us to accommodate people from overseas for short and longer term stays in London.

My relationship with SilverDoor started in 2013 when I was looking for reasonably priced, serviced accommodation in London, in specific areas.

I found the SilverDoor staff to be particularly helpful and very efficient with their responses and would suggest a range of suitable accommodation options.

This relationship has continued as the accommodation provided has always been extremely satisfactory to those who have used it, things work like clockwork and I can make a telephone call at short notice to the Client Account Manager and know that they will be able to suggest something suitable.

Also, as our company is not based in London, I can handle my enquiries via telephone and the internet, saving me valuable time, with the assurance that the accommodation will be of a high standard.

Joanne Howard – Travel Manager, Crucible Technology Limited

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