10 Productivity Hacks To Transform Every Business Meeting

10 Productivity Hacks To Transform Every Business Meeting

10 Productivity Hacks To Transform Every Business Meeting
18th August 2016

When we travel with work, there's a very good chance that the trip will include at least one meeting! We all need these 10 productivity hacks to make it through these trips.

It is estimated that, in the USA alone, 11 million formal meetings are held each day.

On average, workers will be involved in 8 meetings per week, or 12 for those at management level. That’s a lot of meetings and a lot of time spent away from the desk.

Salary.com’s latest annual ‘Wasting Time At Work’ survey revealed that 47% of respondents claim that their biggest time waster is too many meetings.

With that in mind, here’s the 10 productivity hacks to transform every business meeting:

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