10 tips for business travellers

For some, travelling evokes thoughts of excitement and new adventures, but for the seasoned business traveller it can quickly become a bit of a chore. Take the stress and tedium out of a business trip by adopting some of our top tips for business travel.  And we’re not just talking about packing rolled up socks in your shoes!


Stay packed

If you’re a frequent flyer, keep a bag packed with your essentials to minimise the stress and hassle of packing.

Pack light – use a carry on

There’s nothing worse than manoeuvring a hefty suitcase around an unfamiliar city. Take a hint from George Clooney in Up in the Air and stick to the carry on case.

Avoid creases

Roll your clothes or fold them using a special travel case to avoid having to iron while away.

Eat in

All serviced apartments feature kitchen facilities meaning that you’re able to cook for yourself and take a night off from expensive restaurant bills.

Dine local

If you do choose to venture out for dinner, avoid visiting tourist trap restaurants. Instead, eat like a local and experience better food at a better price.

Research transport

The best means of transport will depend on where you’re staying. Do some research beforehand and find out the best way of getting around, whether that’s by car, train, tube or bus.

Share accommodation

Need to save on accommodation? You can book serviced apartments that have multiple bedrooms, allowing you to split the cost of accommodation with your colleague.

Bring an extension cable

Need to charge your phone, laptop and tablet but only have one travel adapter? Take an extension lead with you and charge your devices using your standard plugs.

Beat jet lag

Use a jet lag calculator to determine the best times to sleep/wake during your flight to help diminish the effects of jet lag.

Get app happy

Let your smartphone be your guide by downloading a range of apps, from area guides to translation tools, that’ll help you on your travels.

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