12 things to see and do in and around Perth Australia

12 things to see and do in and around Perth Australia

12 things to see and do in and around Perth Australia
1st August 2022

Perth is believed to be Australia's biggest city and the fourth most populated city in Australia and Oceania. Perth is home to a variety of significant public structures and historic landmarks as it was settled by British settlers in 1829, when it was known as the Swan River Colony. Tourism is essential to Perth's economy seeing as many of these structures are still intact. If you find yourself in Australia's sunniest city and are unsure what to do, we have compiled a list of 12 things to do in Perth.

Exploring historical structures

The Old Mill
The Old Mill is one of the many historical building to see in Perth

Are you looking for things to do in Perth? The Old Mill in South Perth is one of Western Australia's earliest colonial buildings, having been constructed in 1835 and operating until 1859. The mill produced 680kg of flour per day at its peak, which is an astounding amount for its size. Since its closure, the mill has served as a hotel, a house, a wine bar, and a poultry farm. The mill hosts a variety of events and is available for rental as well as guided tours. This historical structure is a must-see when visiting Perth.

See and interact with Australia's native animals.

Hugging a Wombat in Perth
Get the chance to see and hug a Wombat in Perth

The Caversham Wildlife Park showcases Western Australia's biggest private collection of native wildlife. In this wildlife park, you can meet wombats and koalas, see penguins being fed, experience an interactive farm show, hand-feed kangaroos, and more. They are open every day of the year except Christmas, and it is suggested that you visit before 2 p.m. to avoid missing out on attractions. The amazing thing about this park is that you do not need any extra money to enjoy it; everything, including animal food and Wi-Fi, is included in the entry fee.

Take a wine tour in Swan Valley.

Wine bottles in Perth
Wine tasting in Swan Valley is a nice way to end your business trip

While doing a wine tour in Western Australia's Swan Valley is strictly an adult activity, it is unquestionably at the top of the list. You may either embark on a full day trip that lasts approximately seven hours or a half day tour that lasts about five hours. This trip includes pick-ups and drop-offs, wine tasting at four different wineries, a chessboard to accompany the wine, lunch (which includes, of course, a glass of wine), and chocolate tastings at the Margaret River Chocolate Factory.

Visit the Swan Canning Riverpark

Swan Canning Riverpark
The Riverpark gives you an amazing view while going on a run or kayaking

The Swan Canning Riverpark is a well-known landmark that has historically belonged to the Whadjuk people. There are several opportunities to cycle, stroll, swim, paddle, kayak, boat, fish, and, more excitingly, see dolphins in the Riverpark. You might visit Heirisson Island while visiting the Riverpark. It serves as the main river crossing from one side to the other. There are barbecues, picnic areas, a playground, and a kangaroo sanctuary on the island. The Riverpark also provides a beautiful perspective of the city.

Enjoy live entertainment at RAC Arena

RAC Arena in Perth
RAC Arena is the perfect place to see your favourite comedians, musicians or athletes

If you are searching for live entertainment, head to Perth’s home of entertainment, RAC Arena. The venue features concerts by well-known singers such as Kendrick Lamar, Dua Lipa, Billie Eilish, and others. It also hosts comedians such as Jimmy Carr and Russell Peters, as well as Motocross live shows (a type of off-road motorcycle racing) and basketball games. Before visiting Perth, make sure to research the events taking place and get your tickets in advance. Most tickets include three hours of public transportation before and after the event. If your ticket has the Transperth logo, all you have to do is present it to the bus or train driver. Before attending the event, please sure you read the entrance requirements.

Take a trip to Scarborough Beach to unwind

Scarborough Beach
Have a relaxing and fun day at the Scarborough Beach

The 25-minute drive to the city's Scarborough Beach makes it the ideal place to unwind. With 2.5 kilometres of sand by the Indian Ocean, the beach is noted for its big waves, which attract surfers also including kite and wind surfers. The beach has both indoor and outdoor showers, picnic tables, BBQs, exercise equipment, Wi-Fi access at the main centre beach, a skate park, and a bowling alley. You may also swim in the sea or in the heated pool, which has eight 50-metre lanes, four 25-metre lanes, and a leisure pool.

Relive your favourite childhood games

Pac-Man game console
Fun retro games like Pac-Man and Super Mario Bros. will be there to see and play with once again

Looking for what to see in Perth? Proceed to the Nostalgia Box. This is Australia's first and only gaming console museum, featuring games from the 1970s to the early 2000s. You can not only see the progression of video games, but you can also relive your childhood. The museum offers an interactive gaming area where you can see what these classic games were like for the first time or for the first time in a long time. There are no additional payments because the entry ticket covers the opportunity to play the games.

Visit Northbridge Piazza to get a taste of city life

Outdoor movies while visiting Perth
Going to watch a movie or live entertainment at the park is a nice way to relax and meet locals

Northbridge Piazza is a park that hosts free outdoor movies, events, festivals, and live music. The park is outfitted with bean bags and a 24-hour LED Super screen that shows sports, music, and a year-round schedule of themed film events. It is an eight-minute walk from Perth railway station, or you may take the free Blue Cat bus from Barrack Street to the park.

Splash about in Perth's Outback Splash

Water Theme Park
The amusement park is fun for all ages and open all year round

This year-round family amusement park features a range of waterpark and outdoor attractions. The Outback Splash contains Perth's first hedge maze. The maze is over 2000m2 in size and took over six years to grow and carefully prune 1252 individual plants to make the hedge. The park also contains four more mazes, six water slides, and a mini golf section in addition to the hedge maze.

Sea for yourself at the Aquarium of Western Australia

Swimming with Sharks
Scuba diving and snorkelling with sharks is an amazing experience

Among the numerous things to do in Perth, visiting Australia's biggest single aquarium, which contains 45 exhibits for visitors to see, needs to be on the list. You can snorkel or dive alongside sharks or dine for three hours beneath the water with a three-course dinner. They provide meals that are suitable for those who are gluten, dairy, egg, or nut intolerant as well as vegetarian, vegan, and halal dietary restrictions.

Explore King’s Park

King's Park in Perth
The ride to King's Park provides a beautiful view

You could embark on free guided walks, self-directed walks, combination hikes, cycling tours, bus tours, or walk amid the treetops and enjoy stunning views of the city skyline on Lotterywest Federation Walkway at King's Park and Botanic Garden.

Shopping at Raine Square

Shopping in Perth
A trip to a new city is not complete without shopping

The last, although by no means least, is shopping. When visiting a new city, you must go shopping. Raine Square is home to 12 of Perth's most awarded restaurants, distinctive eateries, and cafés, 13 huge screens (including four luxury cinemas) presenting new release movies, a rooftop terrace, and 1800m2 of dedicated retail space for premium shopping.

Although we've highlighted 12 things to do in Perth, there is so much more to see and do in Australia's largest city. While visiting Perth, it would be good to just wander about and see what the surrounding cities have to offer. Check out our variety of serviced apartments if you need an apartment while visiting Perth or any other Australian city.

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