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SilverDoor Apartments Win Corporate Housing Provider of the Year award at the EMEA EMMAs

Written by on 22nd November 2019
Category: Business, SilverDoor news

We are delighted to announce that we have won the Corporate Housing Provider of the Year award for the second consecutive year at the EMEA Expatriate and Mobility Management Awards (EMMAs). Hosted on the 21st November in London at the InterContinental hotel at the O2, the awards ceremony followed on from the Global Mobility Summit […]

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The 8 best Furnished Apartments in San Francisco Bay

Written by on 22nd November 2019
Category: Featured apartments

San Francisco is a fashionable tourist destination – popular for its eclectic mix of architecture, picturesque rolling hills and trend-defining cuisine that ranges from food trucks to bespoke Michelin-starred dining. Although a large percentage of residents are moving out of the city due to high rent costs, the city is thriving with new and trendy […]

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A SilverDoor Academy Placement’s Perspective: 4 Months Working at SilverDoor

Written by on 21st November 2019
Category: SilverDoor news

Having been part of the SilverDoor Academy for almost five months now, I can comfortably say that I have become a fully-fledged SilverDoorian! In this article, I’ll be outlining the basics of my role in the Marketing department, as well as providing an insight into the other placements roles within the company. With plenty of […]

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Why is business booming in Liverpool?

Written by on 19th November 2019
Category: Business

The significant rise of business opportunities in Liverpool has been a source of much speculation amongst the UK, with news sources sparking insight and generating a loitering curiosity amongst us all as to why the city is doing so well amid a national downturn.With recent studies revealing that the high street is in decline country-wide, […]

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The Top 6 serviced apartments in Melbourne for Business Travel

Written by on 13th November 2019
Category: APAC, Business travel and relocation, Featured apartments

As we established in our recent article outlining which is the best Australian city, Melbourne is a thriving business hub home to multiple world-leading corporation headquarters and a host of internationally renowned cultural attractions. Business travel to the city is growing, with the 338,000 business visitors to Melbourne in the year ending March 2019 indicative […]

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The Best Accommodation for Business Travel in Amsterdam: Our Top 5 Serviced Apartments

Written by on 6th November 2019
Category: Business travel and relocation, Featured apartments

Amsterdam is a fantastic part of Northwest Europe. A busy hub of tourism, the city is full of unique quirks. However, there’s more to Amsterdam than its acclaimed idiosyncrasies alone: it’s also one of the European Union’s biggest financial centres and a popular business travel destination. Here at SilverDoor Apartments, we facilitate business travel on […]

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