4 Reasons Why the Most Successful Business Travellers Choose Serviced Apartments

4 Reasons Why the Most Successful Business Travellers Choose Serviced Apartments

4 Reasons Why the Most Successful Business Travellers Choose Serviced Apartments
27th April 2020

Making the best possible impression is crucial in all aspects of business. At SilverDoor Apartments, we stand by our belief that business travellers are most successful in achieving this when they stay in one of our serviced apartments. Ensuring our clients’ home environment is optimised during their stay allows them to maintain the same high standards and make the best impression as they would in their typical day to day business dealings. As more and more corporate travellers turn to serviced apartments for business travel, with one major attraction being the incredible cost savings they offer, the link between success and serviced accommodation is clear. Read on to discover 4 reasons why success and serviced apartments go hand in hand.

1. Be the Host

Business meeting in serviced apartments facility
Hosting meetings at your apartment complex makes a strong statement about your confidence and attitude

Finding yourself in an unfamiliar city can be disorientating and often results in an over reliance on others to arrange appointments. However, as the most successful business travellers are aware, the beauty of serviced apartments is that they often feature premium on-site facilities for you to utilise during your stay. The ability to propose a business meeting in your very own private conference room, or liaise with partners and colleagues in an allotted on-site work-space, enables you to be proactive during your stay. Following a productive meeting, invite your team to the on-site bar or restaurant, or even back to your apartment space, for informal, friendly discussions and casual drinks. With the power to host and oversee appointments such as these, clients can extend their accommodating generosity whilst retaining control over the itinerary; ensuring the best impression and the best results are guaranteed.

2. Organisation is Key

Business morning in a serviced apartment
Having the space and facilities to bathe, clothe, have breakfast and plan your day in comfort is essential to ensuring your business trip is successful

Serviced apartments offer business travellers many benefits, but as we recently discussed in our blog, the ability to work, rest and cook in a homely setting is key to their appeal. The very nature of serviced corporate accommodation means that designated areas for carrying out your normal routine enable a greater sense of organisation. The transient and confined settings of a hotel room are not ideal for optimising efficiency. Often with a lack of room facilities and space, not to mention the busy and impersonal comings and goings of a hotel building and foyer, hotels don’t offer the complete home-from-home experience we crave when travelling on business. Beyond being simply a place to sleep and shower, our apartments are virtually tailor made for business travellers – with ample room to unpack, set up a work station, prepare meals, and enjoy all the home comforts that enable you to feel best prepared for your busy schedule. Even if your timetable changes, knowing you have a private, fully equipped space to return to means you can plan for any outcome and maximise your chances of success.

3. Location, Location, Location

Serviced apartments spread across London
The distribution of serviced apartments in any city provides an incredible spread of convenient and desirable locations

Equally as important as the interior of your chosen business accommodation, its location and the convenience it offers must be taken into account. Whereas large, quality hotels are restricted by location, serviced apartment providers can offer luxury accommodation virtually anywhere in the city – whether at a further remove for peace and quiet, or in the heart of the city for absolute convenience. Often, such properties are purposefully placed to provide excellent access to a range of amenities, including nearby train stations, parks, restaurants and shops. Taking into account the desirability such accommodation offers in terms of its availability, it’s no surprise that growth in the serviced accommodation sector is rivalling that of hotels. With a choice of serviced apartments throughout the city, and indeed, throughout any city, SilverDoor Apartments can tailor your booking request, by location, specification and length of booking - and we can also find apartments in close proximity to your company offices. In need of multiple apartments across multiple cities and countries? Our service can deliver – with optimised apartment locations chosen specifically to meet your requirements.

4. Expert Service

Confident business woman leader
Those who capitalise on success ensure they have knowledge and expertise behind them, such as that provided by SilverDoor

In terms of value, convenience and quality of living, serviced apartments are unrivalled. But the most successful business travellers also appreciate and utilise the expertise property providers, and agents such as SilverDoor, can provide. Whereas a hotel or private rental may provide guests with some general regional knowledge and a list of services, SilverDoor Apartments goes the extra mile. Often providing welcome packs containing corporate-specific information to enhance your trip, we make sure that our 20 years’ of business travel knowledge is at your fingertips throughout your stay. Furthermore, we have an impressive collection of blogs, articles and city guides, enabling clients to brush up on area knowledge before their visit. But our expertise doesn’t stop there. We can offer a whole range of services, from sophisticated traveller tracking and digitised invoice services to ground transportation upon arrival. Simply put, we have a wealth of resources and technology to ensure your journey is a smooth one; allowing you to focus on securing your target - complete business success.

Whether arranging a business trip for yourself, or on behalf of your colleagues and clients, serviced apartments are undoubtedly the best choice when it comes to ensuring business success. Explore our entire collection of apartments, or contact us directly to begin your journey today.

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