6 most requested serviced apartment features

Written by on 2nd October 2015
Category: Business Travel

Our clients love staying in serviced apartments. They offer greater privacy and freedom to live just the way you want while away on business. There are different and exciting facilities and amenities being introduced all the time but there are some staple features that our clients request time and time again. Here, we take a look at the most requested serviced apartment features.



Now this may seem like a no brainer but it’s imperative that business travellers have access to stable, high-speed, unlimited Wi-Fi. Luckily, serviced apartment operators are always ahead of the curve and have long been ensuring that they offer a premium internet experience that means you don’t get cut off half way through a Skype chat.



Obviously your serviced apartment is going to include a television but you can request an apartment which has premium satellite subscriptions. Many serviced apartments now offer full Sky television, including Sky Sports and Movies packages that provide endless hours of content. Sport and movies not your cup of tea? Login to your Netflix account at select serviced apartments that feature Smart TVs and continue burning your way through that series you love.



This one’s slightly less glamorous but no less important. If you’ve stayed at a hotel, and I’m presuming you have, you’ll know it costs a small fortune to have your washing done for you on-site. You could lug your dirty laundry to the local laundrette but, instead, request a serviced apartment with a washer/dryer and get your cleaning done without having to leave your accommodation. Most operators will even throw in a free box of washing tablets.

Fully-fitted kitchen


One of the biggest differences from a hotel is that every single serviced apartment features kitchen facilities. While this means that you don’t need to request a kitchen, you may want to request a certain spec of kitchen. They do vary from property to property but most have a full oven and hob, pots, pans, crockery and cutlery. Many also include coffee machines and other useful gadgets to help you whip up dinner from the comfort of your own accommodation.

24-hour reception


You may think that to reap the benefits of staying in a serviced apartment that you have to forgo some of the luxuries that hotels offer. Think again. You can have the best of both worlds. Clients that prefer to have access to a 24-hour reception can request an aparthotel style serviced apartment that has staff available at any time of day to answer any questions they may have.

On-site gym


Another feature more commonly found in an aparthotel style serviced apartment is an on-site gym. We know how important it is for business travellers to stay active while away on business and by requesting a serviced apartment with a gym you don’t have to fork out for expensive short-term memberships.

While these are the 6 most requested facilities/features of serviced apartments there are some truly remarkable and unique experiences offered by operators around the world. Fancy being chauffeured around in a complimentary Jaguar? Read our blog featuring 7 luxury extras you can find in serviced apartments.

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