Inside Scoop: A-partments reveal all

Written by on 2nd November 2012
Category: SilverDoor news

This week Guido and Leroy from A-partments came to our offices, where we talked about their soon-to-open Amsterdam Identity Apartments and they claimed it was just too difficult to choose their favourite SilverDoorian, although we managed to get an answer out of them eventually!

Can you tell us a bit about your new properties that are opening soon?

The new building is going to feature 55 apartments inspired by Amsterdam’s unique style and located five minutes from Central station by rail. There is a 24 hour reception, a fitness centre, a sauna and room service and all of the apartments have fully equipped kitchens, internet and TV. Another benefit is that 60% of the apartments have two bedrooms and two bathrooms, making it a lot more affordable than hotels as colleagues can comfortably share the living area and kitchen, while still getting their own privacy.

Can you tell us more about the Amsterdam-inspired design – was this a conscious decision?

We wanted to do something different. We’re proud of Amsterdam, we like Amsterdam and it’s part of the ‘city identity’ group of apartments that we have created. We also design our own furniture so it won’t be seen in any other apartments or hotels, enabling us to easily create the city identity for each apartment. It’s actually an office building that we transformed into an apartment building, so if we decide to expand we still have the chance to take on another 54 apartments, making a total of 109 apartments in the block.

Were there any trends you noticed last year that you thought were interesting?

Serviced apartments aren’t actually that well known in the Netherlands. We had a lot of PAs and secretaries from Dutch companies calling us asking for an apartment for six months, thinking that they are the same price as real estate. The product wasn’t well known at all, but because of the economic crisis, Dutch companies have started to look more at their travel budget and as a result of this, serviced apartments are becoming increasingly popular. Not only do you have your own space and privacy in a serviced apartment, but the company also saves a lot of money on food as people can eat in rather than eat out every night.

And now on to the fun questions… aside from Patrick, who is your favourite member of the SilverDoor team?

Oh I don’t know! [Me: You have to answer, we promise not to tell. Although… it will go on the website and we can’t promise they won’t read that!] Well you see, I don’t really do reservations that much… [Me: You’re just trying to avoid the question now!] They are all great. [Me: That’s such a diplomatic answer! Does anyone stand out to you?] Martin. He’s really enthusiastic in his way of communicating.

Finally, what does SilverDoor do for your business?

SilverDoor is adding to our business. You’re helping us understand and improve our product. On a visit like today we discuss what’s working and what isn’t, it’s really helpful.

Now for the quick fire round… Leroy


Football or rugby: Football

Ferrari or Aston Martin: Lamborghini! Just kidding, Ferrari

Boobs or bum: Ermmm… boobs!

Now for the quick fire round… Guido

Beer or wine: Beer

Jennifer Aniston or Angelina Jolie: Brad Pitt! No, Angelina

Blondes or brunettes: Blondes. [Me: Blondes?! Leroy: Wrong answer Guido!] Blonde is Dutch! Believe me, I cannot offer you anything! [Me: Well now you can offer me hair dye!]