A SilverDoor Guide to Expat Living & Working in Denver

A SilverDoor Guide to Expat Living & Working in Denver

A SilverDoor Guide to Expat Living & Working in Denver
8th October 2021

With rapid growth in the technology, telecom and medical professions, the booming Denver economy has seen to it that relocating to Denver has become a hugely popular choice for expatriates. For several years now, the Mile High City has been staking a compelling claim for being the most desirable relocation destination in the United States.

Stunning scenery is combined with an immaculate urban infrastructure and a culture of progressiveness and innovation, affording those working in Denver a quality of life which ranked second-highest in the entire United States in 2020.

There is no wonder, then, that this city so ripe for expansion and development ranked 4th for population growth per capita last year. SilverDoor has put together a definitive guide to relocating to Denver – including all the information a business traveller needs for living and working in Denver.

Where to live in Denver

Capitol Hill offers a pleasing blend of residential quietude and cultural intrigue

There are a number of neighbourhoods throughout the city ideal for expatriate relocation. Depending on the nature of their work, assignees will frequent different areas of the city, though many professionals conducting their business in Denver’s Central Business District opt to live in the Downtown and Capitol Hill areas. Short commute times and close proximity to an array of bars, restaurants, coffee shops and parks afford those relocating to Denver plenty of time and a seemingly endless list of activities to enjoy. What’s more, Denver is renowned for being one of the cleanest and safest urban areas in the country.

Uptown Denver is a highly desirable location known for its historic architecture, boutique shops and slower pace of life. Framed by tree-lined streets, the area is ideal for those relocating to Denver with families or those who wish to escape the hustle and bustle of the busy city centre, while still offering a wide range of cultural activities.

Accommodation within the city is varied, offering a host of options for expatriates relocating to and working in Denver. Check out our list of the best corporate housing in Denver for some inspiration.

What to do in Denver

City Park lakes
Denver's vast City Park spans 330 acres and offers a stunning escape from the busy Downtown area

With a thriving nightlife, a world famous craft brewery scene and a number of cultural attractions dotted throughout the city, relocating to Denver should be regarded as an exciting proposition for expatriates from any background. With so much to see and do in Denver, and over 300 days of sunshine per year, there is no wonder SilverDoor based its Americas office in the Mile High City. Some of our favourite activities include:

  • City Park

Located in the Uptown area, City Park boasts spectacular views of Denver’s dramatic surrounds, including the awe-inspiring Rocky Mountains.

The park also houses some impressive cultural attractions, such as the Denver Zoo and the Denver Museum of Nature and Science.

  • The Source

Once an 1880s brick foundry building, The Source has been converted into a stunning artisanal food hall wherein visitors can indulge in the best food and drink Denver has to offer – housing restaurants, bakeries and cocktail bars alongside the various pop-ups which use the space during weekends.

  • The famous craft breweries

With around 150 breweries in the city, there is no wonder Denver is considered one of the top beer destinations in the US. The city proudly plays host to the annual Great American Beer Festival, the largest beer festival in the world.

The SilverDoor team based in Denver are particularly fond of Crooked Stave, Tivoli Brewing Company and New Belgium Brewing.

Education in Denver

Rocky Mountains snowboarding
The Rocky Mountains offer some of the best snowboarding in the world - perfect for students of all ages

Expatriates who are relocating with families will have plenty of schooling choices while working in Denver, with the city boasting an impressive educational record of having 75 high schools recognised on U.S. News & World Report's Best High Schools rankings, as well as three colleges on U.S. News & World Report's Best Colleges rankings.

With the Rocky Mountains just a stone’s throw from the city, students of all ages are able to take advantage of exciting skiing and snowboarding opportunities in the area. In fact, the University of Denver’s ski team has an unrivalled record, winning more national championships than any other University in the entire United States. 

Getting Around the City

group of cyclists in sunshine
Bike rentals are on the rise in Denver, with the Department of Transportation soon to introduce electric bikes and scooters

One of the cultural features of this easy-going city is its walkability. Ranked the 16th most walkable large city in the country, Denver is laid out such that traversing the city is as easily done by foot as almost any other mode of transportation.

That said, the real standout attribute of this progressive city is its accommodating attitude towards cyclists. With census figures showing over 8,000 Denver residents commute via bicycle, it is fair to say that Denver has embraced cycle culture. Plans to add a further 125 miles of bike lanes before 2023 have been reiterated in recent months, proving once again the progressiveness and innovation of this city in the sky.

The Mile High City is unquestionably one of the premier growing business capital in the U.S., ranking in the top 25 startup ecosystems in the world. Are you considering relocating to Denver? Check out our extensive portfolio of apartments in Denver and make an enquiry today.

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