A spotlight on our Regional Manager of North America, Stephen Homsey

A spotlight on our Regional Manager of North America, Stephen Homsey

A spotlight on our Regional Manager of North America, Stephen Homsey
20th January 2023

 In this expose, we sit down with Stephen to discuss adrenaline sports, hiking, and the bright future of SilverDoor Americas.

Born in Winchester Massachusetts...

Stephen was raised within a tight-knit community driven by a passion for sports and the outdoors. Galvanized by others, Stephen spent a good portion of his time enjoying outdoor sports activities. Some credit also goes to Massachusetts’ ideal weather. With its hot summers, and cold, snowy winters, it served as the perfect location to try every sport possible. Hence, Stephen focused on football in the summer and skiing in the winter; the best of both worlds!   

In his teenage years, Stephen went on to study Hospitality at Virginia Tech. While at university, Stephen joined a fraternity. This pivotal experience brought his desire to help others to light.  

He was driven by the hope of creating positivity amid challenging situations. To this day, Stephen is a firm believer in the positive learning experience that tough lessons bring; “When people go through hardship they react more profoundly to others.”     

…The cub becomes a Lion...    

Stephen joined the Denver Office of SilverDoor Apartments in 2022. As  SilverDoor's Regional Manager - in North America, Stephen is responsible for maintaining relationships with service providers in the region and ensuring that high client service standards are delivered. Additionally, Stephen oversees new business development in the Americas, working closely with the global Business Development team to extend SilverDoor Americas commercial network.  

“Stephen has been a fantastic addition to the Americas’ team. He's enthusiastic, knowledgeable and extremely hard-working, along with bringing fresh ideas to the team.” - Robert Carrick, Senior Key Account Manager, Americas   

A true SilverDoorian, Stephen works hard and plays hard. However, Robert continued to tell us...“He can’t  handle his margaritas, as he showed pre The Killers gig which he can't remember and left early!”   

His hope for the future is to grow in the Americas, with a competitive brand presence across, Canada, North, Central, and South America. With ever-increasing demand, there is amazing potential for growth in the region, enhancing our position in the markets that we currently serve. This potential has already materialized in many ways. The SilverDoor Americas team has welcomed new clients to its portfolio that are industry leaders in their field, such as the largest operating cryptocurrency exchange in the world. The team has also celebrated onboarding new partners and properties in tertiary regions such as the Bahamas.  

… Making a difference. 

One of Stephen’s most notable moments at SilverDoor was in the wake of Hurricane Ian’s devastation in Florida. Thousands were displaced, needing accommodation urgently, this included one of SilverDoor America’s clients. The outcome? The team swiftly mobilized to successfully find accommodation for evacuees.  

Unsurprisingly, given his youth and passion for outdoor sports, Stephen adores hiking and trails. He currently aims to climb all 58 US peaks that stand higher than fourteen-thousand feet. With 14 peaks in the bag, there are only a humble 44 left! If you believe this goal to be ‘easy peasy lemon squeezy’, do not worry, Stephen has more up his sleeve.  

With his group of friends, he signed up for the 2023  UTMB PTL® (Petite Trotte à Léon). This ultra-endurance hiking event leads participants on a tour of Mont-Blanc (300km and 25000m of ascent), taking high routes, with no way-markers on the ground. Stephen enjoys the idea of challenging himself both physically and mentally, especially in a team environment. His search for adrenaline rushes and personal growth may lead him to perilous journeys, but as he likes to say, “What makes you successful is being able to calculate a good decision and minimize risks.”       

Stephen's proudest accomplishment to date remains his cross-country trail across the US; Steps for MS. Steps for MS was founded with the purpose of providing immediate relief and support for those suffering from MS and their families.  Multiple Sclerosis is a disease that affects the ability of nerve cells in the brain and spinal cord to communicate with each other. Almost any neurological symptom can appear with the disease, and it often progresses to physical and cognitive disability. There is no known cure for MS yet.  

With the support of sponsors such as New Balance, TRX, and NPC (National Planning Corporation), Stephen walked from Boston to San Diego over 8 months, giving Chris McCandless a run for his money. The goal was to raise awareness and funds to sponsor further research on this debilitating disease. Hence, if you wish to learn further about this extraordinary adventure or donate to the cause; visit the  Steps for MS  website.    

SilverDoor has vacancies available across departments and locations, discover all available roles here

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