A Top Trumps Guide to Asia-Pacific

Written by on 21st September 2018
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What does it take to be a great country? Of the 30 or so nations that make up Asia-Pacific, many are world-leading and score highly in a number of different categories. Prosperity takes various forms in this part of the world, and, to find out who the top performers are, we’ve benchmarked seven countries in Asia – Pacific against each another in a special Top Trumps comparison.

We give you our top trumps guide to Asia-Pacific.

1. China

As the world’s most populous country, China is vast in scale and boasts a remarkably diverse landscape. Its robust economy is matched by beautiful buildings and historic sites, as well as excellent food.

Ease For Doing Business: 65.29

Life Expectancy: 76.25

Global Peace: 112th

Innovation: 52.50

Technology Readiness: 7.19

Environmental Performance: 50.74

2. Japan

With its unique mix of towering skyscrapers and historic temples, Japan is both modern and traditional. Healthy eating is a big thing here, and, so too is the country’s consumer electronics industry.

Ease For Doing Business: 75.68

Life Expectancy: 83.98

Global Peace: 9th

Innovation: 54.70

Technology Readiness: 9.44

Environmental Performance: 74.69

3. Thailand

Beautiful beaches and first-class hospitality have made Thailand one the most attractive countries in Asia-Pacific. The country has made impressive strides with regards to its ease for doing business and is currently ranked 26th among 190 economies.

Ease For Doing Business: 77.44

Life Expectancy: 75.30

Global Peace: 113th

Innovation: 36.60

Technology Readiness: 5.78

Environmental Performance: 49.88

4. Australia

Australia may lie down under, but the country comes out on top in several regards. People live to a ripe old age in Australia, whilst reaping the benefits of quality air and vast green spaces.

Ease For Doing Business: 80.14

Life Expectancy: 82.50

Global Peace: 13th

Innovation: 51.80

Technology Readiness: 9.72

Environmental Performance: 74.12

5. New Zealand

Scoring highly in all categories conducive to peacefulness, New Zealand stays heads and shoulders above other countries in terms of safety and security. Its landscape is also out of this world.

Ease For Doing Business: 86.55

Life Expectancy: 81.61

Global Peace: 2nd

Innovation: 52.90

Technology Readiness: 8.88

Environmental Performance: 75.96

6. India

India is one of the fastest growing major economies in the world, ranked highly for its market exchange rates and purchasing power parity. Whilst low as far as environmental performance goes, the country is a good all-rounder that packs more than its fair share of glorious architecture.

Ease For Doing Business: 60.76

Life Expectancy: 68.56

Global Peace: 136th

Innovation: 35.50

Technology Readiness: 6.34

Environmental Performance: 30.57

7. Singapore 

Singapore is a global hub for finance, entertainment, healthcare, transport, and scores highly in numerous international rankings. The country has invariably been named the most technology-ready nation and the world’s smartest city, but that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

Ease For Doing Business: 84.57

Life Expectancy: 82.80

Global Peace: 8th

Innovation: 58.70

Technology Readiness: 9.72

Environmental Performance: 64.23

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