Amsterdam Walking Tour – Your Guide to the Venice of the North

Amsterdam Walking Tour – Your Guide to the Venice of the North

Amsterdam Walking Tour – Your Guide to the Venice of the North
21st January 2021

The divine Amsterdam architecture has seen the city grow into something of a Venetian Dutch-decoy, with the two areas comparable not only through their famed obscure canal systems, but their shared aesthetic quality as a whole. And a comparison to Venice is no small feat – the Italian metropolis consistently ranks amongst the top ten most prepossessing cities the world over, a shoe-in for the bucket list of almost every aspiring traveller.

So what puts Amsterdam in the same breath?

Firstly, Amsterdam’s cultural heritage is practically unrivalled in Europe, with Anne Frank’s notorious World War II story, plenty of medieval feudalism, and a vast number of churches all providing the city with a rich, deep-rooted history. Furthermore, the aforementioned Amsterdam architecture could be considered to even surpass that of Venice, with grand structures lining every street of the city centre, interspersed with the odd towering bridge, colossal museum, or bustling town square. With this in mind, an ideal Amsterdam walking tour would incorporate as many of these phenomenon as possible – and our list does not disappoint.

Historical Churches Walking Tour

Boats sit blissfully atop the water in beautiful central Amsterdam canals

No prizes for guessing the focus of this particular route. The self-guided expedition offers walkers an immersive exploration of the historical, cultural and architectural background of the Dutch city. Beginning at Centraal Station, Amsterdam’s dominant train station with around 1500 trains daily, the tour crosses eight grand churches, spanning over 2.7 miles of city land. Two hours is the estimated completion time of the experience, however this is dependent on just how long it takes you to retrieve your jaw from the floor when faced with the majesty of each remarkable location.

The notorious Amsterdam walking tour stops at the following locations: St. Nicolaaskerk, Oude Kerk (Old Church), Zuiderkerk (South Church), Begijnhof Chapel, Nieuwe Kerk (New Church), Onze-Lieve-Vrouwekerk (Church of Our Lady), Westerkerk (West Church), Noorderkerk (North Church).

Each of the chapels naturally have their own story to tell, with enough marvellous background stories to publish a trilogy. Though sites of religious significance, even the most devoted atheists will be left breathless at the beauty of these structures. The walk route takes walkers through the centre of Amsterdam city so plenty of bars, restaurants and cafes are available throughout.

The stunning Canal View Amsterdam apartments are just a short walk from Centraal station

The Canal View Amsterdam serviced apartments are situated a mere ten minute walk from the trek’s beginning, Centraal Station, offering the perfect accommodation option for visitors of Amsterdam who are interested in the route. The one and two bedroom apartments are styled beautifully for visitors, with the spacious rooms decorated with simplistic furniture and abstract artwork. A walk-on balcony completes the perfect setting for an Amsterdam stay, offering a delightful view of the surrounding area. Guests also benefit from free wireless internet access, a flat screen TV and a fully equipped kitchen


The towering Vondelpark trees are a sight to behold in the glorious Autumn light

Amsterdam’s most popular park – and with good reason. Without much regard for traditional city space configuration, the vast parkland spans over a whopping 120 acres, duly gaining status as one of the biggest city parks in the world. The park was dedicated to 17th century writer Joost van den Vondel and plays host to around, 2000 relaxation benches, 5000 trees and 100 million visitors per annum.

Impressive statistics indeed, but what makes the walking routes through this park some of the best in Amsterdam? To start with, there are often free live performances in the park, ensuring that no two days out are the same. The Open Air Theatre hosts free shows every weekend during the summer months, with singing, dancing and instrument playing all commonplace in this time. As you may imagine, this can generate quite a magical atmosphere, reaffirming the relaxing, welcoming experience the city of Amsterdam prides itself upon.

Additionally, the sheer size of the park allows for a variety of routes for visitors on an Amsterdam walking tour, who can enter and exit the park on any side for their convenience. This means that walkers can use the park as a through road from their serviced accommodation to almost any area of the city, making Vondelpark not only a stunning day of walking in itself, but also a handy fast track to where you need to be.

The smartly designed Residences Museum Square Apartments are excellently decorated and conveniently located

Relocating to an Amsterdam serviced apartment near Vondelpark guarantees an authentic city experience, located right at the heart of the action. Some of our favourite nearby accommodation options are the Cityden Residences Museum Square Apartments, fit to play base camp for any Dutch business venture. The twin bedroom apartments show off their style in typical Amsterdam fashion, with sleek furniture navigating its way through the slim interior, leading to the personal balcony where guests can breathe in the morning air. Free wireless internet access, weekly laundry services and built in air conditioning are just a few of the amenities making this Amsterdam serviced apartment the perfect pairing with a trip to Vondelpark.

Western Canal Belt

The delightful canal views typical of Amsterdam are available aplenty in the Western area

An Amsterdam walking tour guide simply wouldn’t do the city justice with no mention of the sumptuous canal views on offer. Perhaps the most charming feature of the area, the wondrous waterways snake their way through most of the centre, almost mimicking the typical road structure of a capital city. Naturally, this makes for some top-tier views for walkers in the area, this particular route placing the spotlight on the western area.

Two hours is the expected walking time needed to take in all that this canal route has to offer, with a whole host of attractions in close proximity. Torensluis Bridge is the recommended starting point for the trip, a fine example of Amsterdam architecture as the city’s oldest and widest bridge. From here, walkers can proceed to follow the winding canal paths, enjoying the water views, bridge structures and beautiful street greenery on offer.

Other attractions in the Western Canal Belt area include the Huis met de Hoofden ("House with the Heads") a renaissance style redbrick and sandstone structure, with six carved heads of Classical deities embellishing the exterior. Perhaps the most famous attraction in the Western Canal Belt area is the Anne Frank house – a must see when visiting Amsterdam. Converted into a museum, the world famous story of Anne frank is poetically told through an informative guide of the Jewish family’s living space when in hiding, as well as a historic reminder of the harrowing holocaust.

The lounge area in the gorgeous Jordaan Canal Amsterdam apartments offer tremendous views of the lively Amsterdam walkways

Nearby, the Jordaan Canal Amsterdam serviced apartments offer a conveniently located accommodation option for walkers looking to test the Western Canal Belt route. The modern one and two bedroom apartments overlook the canals as well as the lively surrounding area, perfect to sit in for a relaxing morning of watching the world go by. A HD flat screen TV sits in a spacious living area with a smart design, and a kitchenette fit to supplement any night in with a home cooked meal. Free wireless internet access, as well as a weekly housekeeping service, is also provided.

Click here to browse our entire portfolio of Amsterdam serviced apartments, and check out some of the Amsterdam walking tour locations mentioned above.

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