An industry by numbers

An industry by numbers

An industry by numbers
6th February 2017

By Anton Constantinou

Sometimes the easiest way to make sense of an industry is through its statistics. Where words fail to offer scale and size, data can often be relied on to deliver the key facts. Numbers provide useful insight into the serviced apartment sector, currently the UK’s fast-growing hospitality segment, and to illustrate that fact, we’ve compiled this handy infographic that brings together some of the most up to date information.



  • 1,000,000 - A projection for the number of serviced apartments set to be exceeded this year
  • 30% - Of providers forecasted to increase their serviced apartment offering this year
  • 30% - More space in a serviced apartment than a hotel room
  • 50% - Increase predicted in overseas assignments undergone by 2020
  • 826,759 - An estimation for the serviced apartments available worldwide
  • 4% -  Reduced from 20%. The rate at which VAT is charged from the 29th night onwards.
  • 8.4% - Projected annual growth to serviced apartment supply across the UK
  • 72% - As regards the proportion of serviced apartments available for booking online between 2016 - 2017
  • 8% - Serviced apartment occupancy across the UK (Jan- Sept 2016)
  • 88% - Of companies use serviced apartments for business purposes
  • 83.8% - Of corporate travellers seek connectivity from serviced apartments
  • 32.31% - Of corporate travellers wants amenities from serviced apartments
  • 250 - The average square footage for a modern aparthotel
  • 60.7% - The percentage of serviced apartments accounted for by the world’s top 15 suppliers
  • 25% - A percentage rise in demand for serviced apartments in the Asia-pacific over the last 10 years
  • 87,487 - An estimation for the number of serviced apartments across Asia
  • 114,021 - An estimation for the number of serviced apartments across Europe
  • 85% - Serviced apartment occupancy levels in Abu Dhabi
  • 67,668 - The number of serviced apartments offered across the Middle East
  • 484,594 - The number of serviced apartments available across The Americas and Canada

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