Mapping The Difference In Paid Annual Leave Entitlement Across The World [Infographic]

Written by on 17th August 2016
Category: SilverDoor news

Annual leave allows employees to take paid time off from work for the purpose of having regular breaks so that they can rest and re-energise.

Employees who take regular holidays can be more motivated about their work and perform to a higher standard.

They are less likely to suffer from stress because they have regular opportunity to rest, which also means they might take less sickness leave.

Whilst us Brits are used to at least 28 days paid annual leave from work, when you compare this to other countries across the world, it’s often a very different picture.

Here, we’ve taken a look at the annual leave entitlement across 24 different countries. ‘Paid Annual Leave Days’ has been normalised to a 5 day working week for fair comparison. This refers to the minimum mandatory paid annual leave days for an employee with at least one year of service with their employee.

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