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Involved in creating, directing and editing content across a range of SilverDoor digital platforms, Charles is interested in ensuring the SilverDoor voice reaches clients through clear and engaging industry related articles.

Where to stay in London? The Top 5 Trending London Districts for Serviced Accommodation

Written by on 13th September 2019
Category: London, Serviced apartment news

Since its earliest development, London has been integral to Britain’s financial and economic advancement. In the first century AD, occupying Roman forces established London as both the nation’s capital and a fortified port city, noting its fortuitous placement for conducting trade with various ports across the European continent. Today London is a prominent influence on […]

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8 Outstanding Serviced Apartments in Sydney, Australia

Written by on 6th August 2019
Category: APAC, Featured apartments

As recently highlighted in our 22 Things to do in Sydney guide, Australia’s second most frequently visited city continues to grow in popularity as a business travel destination. Should you require a residence for a business trip to Australia, perhaps as a base from which to liaise with potential clients or expand your operations, our […]

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22 Things to do in Sydney, Australia: for free, at night, on the wild side and more

Written by on 16th July 2019
Category: City guides, Travel

Easily identifiable due to its distinctive Opera House and Harbour Bridge, Sydney is Australia’s most iconic city. Home to the Australian Stock Exchange Headquarters and the Reserve Bank of Australia, Sydney is a leading financial centre in the Asia-Pacific region. Indeed, Sydney has grown in both size and financial authority to become the largest economy […]

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