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Charles McIntyre
Involved in creating, directing and editing content across a range of SilverDoor digital platforms, Charles is interested in ensuring the SilverDoor voice reaches clients through clear and engaging industry related articles.

The Top 7 Corporate Spaces in Chicago for Business

Written by on 3rd April 2020
Category: Business Travel

Business in Chicago is synonymous with the city’s lustrous skyline of skyrises, and as we’ve recently established, business is most certainly booming in the Windy City. Consequently, the number of impressive world-class corporate spaces in Chicago is growing alongside the number of corporate housing options available. We have studied the city’s sizeable selection of venues […]

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The 5 Best Serviced Apartments in Seoul

Written by on 26th March 2020
Category: APAC

As a key global business destination, Seoul is regularly inundated with international corporate travellers either exploring new opportunities or liaising with representatives of their regional interests. In this capital of wealth and trailblazing technology, there is – unsurprisingly – a plethora of premium serviced apartments in Seoul to accommodate those visiting on business. Planning your […]

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Stuart Winstone Appointed SilverDoor’s First CEO

Written by on 24th March 2020
Category: SilverDoor news

In the midst of all this worry and uncertainty, we believe it’s important to remain positive and continue to share good news where it can be found. We are delighted to be able to announce that, on the occasion of our twentieth anniversary, our shareholders, Marcus and Angie Angell, have promoted Stuart Winstone, to Group […]

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A Message from SilverDoor on our 20th Birthday

Written by on 20th March 2020
Category: SilverDoor news

Today, SilverDoor Apartments had planned to be celebrating its 20th birthday. As you know, we here at SilverDoor are known for our love of a party, and so it’s probably no surprise that a series of celebrations were going to happen today to mark this special milestone. We wanted to show our gratitude, recognition and […]

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5 reasons Seoul is a key business destination

Written by on 3rd February 2020
Category: APAC, Business, City guides

Becoming the world’s fourth-largest metropolitan economy in 2014, Seoul’s rapid economic growth seemingly came from nowhere. In reality, Seoul has been subject to a strategic expansion since the 1960s, with continuous investment poured into modernising and urbanising the city following its liberation in 1945. Thought to be one of the most competitive world cities for […]

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Business trip to San Francisco Bay? 6 tips you need to know

Written by on 21st January 2020
Category: Business travel and relocation, City guides

San Francisco has an international appeal to business travellers and tourists alike. With Silicon Valley offering countless business opportunities and the city’s high standard of living attracting families from across the US and beyond, there are many reasons why San Francisco is a great place to live and why it continues to be a popular […]

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