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Introducing our new charity: Stoll

Written by on 4th February 2019
Category: SilverDoor news

As the beginning of 2019 approached us, SilverDoor Apartments started a rigorous process to find our new charity for the year and we are excited to announce Stoll as our new charity partner. Stoll helps and houses vulnerable veterans empowering them to live independent and full lives. Working with over 600 Veterans a year Stoll provides a wide […]

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Cities you never knew were amazing for business

Written by on 4th June 2018
Category: Business Travel

Business travel often falls in the realms of repetitive. The same destinations are usually drawn up with London, New York, and Hong Kong, most likely always in the cards. However, there are plenty of cities that are growing in urban development and becoming world players in the global economy. These lesser known cities are on […]

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Top Ten Coolest Office Spaces Around the World

Written by on 23rd April 2018
Category: SilverDoor news

Many offices can often be set up in similar ways: claustrophobic cubicles, white wash walls, and unappealing meeting rooms. These companies, however, have taken employee motivation and office space to a whole new level by offering awesome working environments that encourage collaboration and socialising, all the while ensuring a high level of employee satisfaction. To help you feel inspired […]

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