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Denver: One Year On!

Written by on 15th January 2020
Category: Serviced apartment news, SilverDoor news

How time flies! Although it feels like only yesterday that our Denver office first opened its doors, our Americas team – comprised of Rafaela, Rob, Fernando and Elliot – are all celebrating the end of their first year in Colorado. From hosting our first US industry event in April, to attending key corporate housing events […]

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The Top 7 Restaurants in Amsterdam for a Successful Business Lunch

Written by on 18th December 2019
Category: Business travel and relocation

Coming towards the end of another decade, globalisation has further evolved and thus, so has the need for business travel. Amsterdam has become a hotspot for a plethora of transnational corporations, start-ups and growing tech companies, making it one of Europe’s most visited cities for business. With this, there has also been an increased need […]

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A SilverDoor Academy Placement’s Perspective: 4 Months Working at SilverDoor

Written by on 21st November 2019
Category: SilverDoor news

Having been part of the SilverDoor Academy for almost five months now, I can comfortably say that I have become a fully-fledged SilverDoorian! In this article, I’ll be outlining the basics of my role in the Marketing department, as well as providing an insight into the other placements roles within the company. With plenty of […]

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The Best London Apartments for Visiting Exhibition & Conference Centres

Written by on 30th October 2019
Category: Featured apartments, London

Exhibition and conference centres have always been an important feature for the corporate world. Whether it’s looking at the release of a ground-breaking new product or a business convention outlaying changes in the modern world, these events always require a suitable venue. As the business capital of Europe, London has a plethora of old and […]

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