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Specialising in online content, Joseph is responsible for researching the latest industry news and developments, and updating the SilverDoor website with client-specific property and location focused articles.

Living in Canary Wharf: The Bonuses and Benefits

Written by on 18th September 2020
Category: Business Travel

Comparing those working in Canary Wharf and those living in Canary Wharf results in a sizeable discrepancy, with the number of people employed in the area a much larger figure than those who reside on a permanent basis. New living prospects are in development in the district to balance these numbers, an example being the […]

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The Best Serviced Apartments in Canary Wharf

Written by on 11th September 2020
Category: Featured apartments

Complete with three shopping malls, an average salary of £100,000 and the convenience of nearby London City airport, Canary Wharf is one of the most attractive business destinations in the entire United Kingdom. Charming parks scattered across the district, particularly in the Southern region, provide a delightful contrast to much of London’s urban nature, naturally […]

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