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Why is business booming in Liverpool?

Written by on 19th November 2019
Category: Business

The significant rise of business opportunities in Liverpool has been a source of much speculation amongst the UK, with news sources sparking insight and generating a loitering curiosity amongst us all as to why the city is doing so well amid a national downturn.With recent studies revealing that the high street is in decline country-wide, […]

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The top 21 things to do in Boston when travelling on business

Written by on 29th October 2019
Category: Business travel and relocation, City guides

Boston, Massachusetts exhibits both a present-day vitality and an unforgotten, historical charm. The combination of its commercial culture with such steady roots has dramatically helped shape the city’s prominence and recently led to Boston being named the most innovative city in 2017. Take advantage of the multitude of sights when planning your business travel to […]

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The 7 Best corporate serviced apartments in Liverpool

Written by on 4th October 2019
Category: Featured apartments

Liverpool is host to a constant stream of visitors throughout the year, welcoming approximately 64 million visitors in 2017. Its fruitful tourism industry is at the heart of the Merseyside business landscape and supports over 50,000 jobs. Although the city’s vibrant culture has been at the centre of its identity as a flourishing art scene […]

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7 Excellent Serviced Apartments in Frankfurt

Written by on 28th August 2019
Category: Business travel and relocation

With budding business opportunities, an unrivalled corporate culture and increasing job opportunities now as prominent as the city’s multitude of skyscrapers, our serviced apartments in Frankfurt are an excellent opportunity to be in the heart of a leading city. Currently distinguished as Europe’s business obverse that seems to be steadily rising amongst the uncertainty of […]

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