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The Best Key Worker Accommodation with SilverDoor

Written by on 22nd May 2020
Category: Featured apartments

So far, 2020 has been a year of reflection, isolation and overcoming challenges, with most of us doing our part by staying and working from home. This trying time has shone a light on just how important our key workers are to our everyday lives. This moniker of ‘key worker’ is not reserved just for […]

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10 Best Travel Gadgets for Business Travellers – 2020

Written by on 20th May 2020
Category: Business Travel

When it comes to preparing for a business trip, the same challenge faces all business travellers: suitcase space. It’s a universal predicament which throws up the same questions every time. Do I really need a raincoat? Can I do without my sunglasses? How am I going to fit my laptop in here? The modern business […]

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Why are serviced apartments better than hotels?

Written by on 6th May 2020
Category: Business Travel

Choosing accommodation for your business travel can be a stressful exercise. The lion’s share of hotels throughout the world offer little in terms of quality, comfort or space. In the hotel industry, every square-inch saved counts. More rooms means more custom and it’s ultimately you, the traveller, who suffers as a result. Time and again […]

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Work, Rest, Cook – Serviced Apartments let you do it all

Written by on 23rd April 2020
Category: Business Travel

For many years business travel was seen as a strenuous, often wearisome pursuit. Long stays in lifeless hotel rooms have left even the keenest corporate travellers climbing the walls in frustration. Combine this with a profound detachment from the city, a reliance on overpriced services and a disengagement from everyday routines and it’s easy to […]

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Working From Home? – 5 top tips you need to know

Written by on 20th April 2020
Category: Business

On Monday 23rd March, much of the UK public saw an unprecedented shift in their working dynamic. Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced a universal lockdown, urging all but key workers “in this moment of national emergency, to stay at home”. These exceptional circumstances have led to considerable uncertainty, with many workers understandably concerned about the […]

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The Top 6 Serviced Apartments in Edinburgh

Written by on 31st March 2020
Category: City guides, Featured apartments

As we outlined in our handy Guide to the city of Edinburgh, the Scottish capital continues to flourish as both a business and tourist hotspot. Renowned for its rich culture and myriad attractions, the city plays host to an array of world-leading businesses and remains a cornerstone of UK tourism. We have assembled our favourite […]

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