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What it means to be a SilverDoorian

Written by on 2nd July 2019
Category: SilverDoor news

My placement year at SilverDoor Apartments is coming to an end, so I wanted to take the time to reflect back on this incredible learning experience and tell you all what it means to be a SilverDoorian. When I first heard the word SilverDoorian on my first day, I cringed a little bit, not fully […]

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10 Free Things to do in New York

Written by on 3rd June 2019
Category: City guides, Travel

The shimmering lights of New York City attract millions of visitors to this wonderful city each year for both corporate and leisure trips. New York has a common reputation of being a very expensive city and although this may be true there are still many free things to do in New York without blowing your […]

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Business Accommodation in Aberdeen

Written by on 15th April 2019
Category: Business, City guides

The city of Aberdeen has seen a colossal economic boom over the last three decades and is now one of the leading, thriving cities in the United Kingdom. Aberdeen is located in the northeast of Scotland, and lies on the coast of the North Sea. The traditional industries of the city included fishing, textile mills, […]

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Placement Switch

Written by on 29th March 2019
Category: Business, Travel

If you have been keeping up to date with SilverDoor’s latest news you will know that we have become a global company with five multinational offices around the world. The SilverDoor Academy is a dynamic placement programme that operates in two of these offices, with a record number of eleven placement students in the year […]

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Trips to Take From Singapore

Written by on 8th March 2019
Category: Travel

Singapore is known for being one of the most innovative finance hubs in the world and is an extremely popular destination among global business travellers. Due to the country’s desirable location, a small island just south of Malaysia, it is the perfect place for Singapore day trips and weekend getaways. There’s always a misconception with […]

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Placement Study: The Half Way Mark

Written by on 10th January 2019
Category: Business

It has been six months since I started my placement year at SilverDoor – which means I am officially halfway through my time here at the company. It’s crazy how fast the time has gone, so I thought I would take a minute to fill you in with what I have been getting up to […]

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