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20 Of The Best Expat Blogs To Follow In 2018

Written by on 31st May 2018
Category: Relocation

Taking the plunge and becoming an expat can seem like a daunting task, but if you’re considering a move abroad, you’ll be in good company. There are plenty of others who have gone before you and have chosen to share their experiences.

To help you make that all important leap, we’ve been taking a look at some of the best expat blogs out there. Here’s what we’ve discovered.

Driving Like a Maniac

Kate Bailward is an Englishwoman living in Italy, blogging about her adventures, and has won a number of awards. Her storytelling style is captivating as she writes about her experiences living in Italy. Kate also writes as part of the Italy Roundtable, a group of six bloggers who write about a particular subject each month.

The Navigato

The Navigato follows the journey of Nele (Nayla), a Dutch 22 year old who moved to the UK in 2014. Looking at life in the UK as an expat, her blog covers everything from lifestyle to travel and personal growth in a new country. A must-follow blog for anyone considering a move to the UK.

Making Here Home

Written by Rebecca Hilton, Making Here Home documents expat life for her and her family. The Brit first moved to Thailand, then Germany and is now moving to France. This blog is filled with tips, anecdotes, book reviews and insights into living as an expat.

This Girl Abroad

This blog follows a Canadian woman who now lives in Hong Kong. She writes a lot about the fantastic food she enjoys whilst living as an expat, accompanied by some fantastic photography which is enough to get anyone’s taste buds tingling.

Brown Bear Travels

Emma and Stewart are a British couple who are living in Toronto on a working holiday. Their blog features plenty of useful tips for prospective expats as well as lots of information and suggestions of things to do in Canada and the USA.

Everywhere Bucket List

Lesley is an Australian expat, now living in Amsterdam, although, she has also lived in London, the USA and even spent some time in China. She now writes about expat life as well as writing about the places she visits on holidays, giving recommendations and advice to other travellers.

Domestic Executive

Domestic Executive is a blog run by Julie, who, together with her husband in 2006, moved from the UK to New Zealand. She describes the blog as being for her family and friends allowing them to stay up to day with their life on the other side of the world. There are posts ranging from tips on gardening to thoughts on life as a Kiwi.

Adventures Around Asia

Richelle is a Seattle native who moved to China after studying in Beijing and Xi’an during her time in college. Her blog documents her expat life which she is now living in Tanzania. Her articles are inspiring, fascinating and come with a dose of good humour.

Life Outside the M25

Ayshe is a Londoner who relocated to Oman when her then boyfriend (now husband) got a job there. Her blog details life with a new baby and living life outside of her M25 comfort zone, as an expat in the Middle East.

The Wander Blogger

Sarah is a blogger originally from Nashville who currently lives in Singapore with her husband and teenage daughter. While much of their time is spent in Singapore, the family take every opportunity to travel overseas during school holidays. The blog is filled with beautiful photographs of their travels as well as plenty of tips on what to do while travelling to the various destinations.

Footloose Lemon Juice

Charlotte’s blog, Footloose Lemon Juice, hails from Manchester and, despite the fact that she is in her twenties, she has lived in Ecuador, Guatemala, Spain, Brazil and Italy. Her blog has three sections that offer tips for expats, international news and charming anecdotes from her life with her Brazilian fiance.

Arabian Notes

Lindsey is an expat living in the UAE, having moved to Dubai from the UK in 2006 with her partner. She know writes about the benefits of living in the UAE as well as sharing advice on how to thrive as an expat.

Little Island Takara

This endearing blog is written by Laura, a Puerto Rican, now living in Okinawa, Japan with her military husband. Her blog features plenty of ‘things to do’ style posts and advice for travellers. However, it is the fabulous photography that really makes this blog stand out.

Expat Child

This blog has taken on a life of its own after being established by Carole Hallett Mobbs in 2012. Carole, her husband and their five-year-old daughter moved to Japan back in 2006 and have resided in a number of different countries since then. This blog is a fantastic resource for expat parents looking to raise their children in another country.

Londoner in Sydney

Annie decided to make the move from London after falling in love with an Australian and Australia during a six-month trip around the world in 2011. Her blog offers plenty of practical advice such as how she applied for her visa, as well as fun things to fill your time with in Sydney.

Eternal Expat

Laura Bronner refers to herself as the Eternal Expat, having lived in Switzerland, New Zealand, Australia, South Korea, England and Mexico, all in the space of seven years. As Laura has travelled across so many countries, she covers a broad range of topics and destinations in her writing, with plenty of reviews and things to do in various places.

Lauren on Location

There is something particularly joyful about Lauren’s blog, as she claims to be pursuing her happy, which is taking her across the world. Her writings give advice on everything from where to eat when visiting Chile to the most Instagram-worthy spots in Madrid.

Frankfurt Expat

Oliver is originally from the UK but now lives in Frankfurt. He started this blog to offer practical and helpful information for those looking to move to Germany, providing an alternative to the often confusing information available. You’ll be able to find out about everything from how to find an apartment to guidance on the politics in Germany.

Flavours of Bogota

Flavours of Bogota is written by Karen Attman and Peter Corredor, an American and a Colombian, now living in Colombia and taking in the joys of food and coffee throughout the country. This is a must-read if you’re a foodie or a coffee lover.

Expat Partner’s Survival Guide

Clara was born in Cuba to British diplomat parents and has been hopping across the globe ever since. She’s lived in 11 countries and now lives in South Africa with her husband and their two children. The blog came about as a result of her marketing her book of the same name. Now, she keeps the blog updated with tips for expat partners on everything from raising expat children to dealing with mental health.

Travelling and living all over the world is as exciting as it is daunting, and with a little inspiration, and maybe even a little support from expat bloggers, perhaps you’ll find yourself ready to pack up and find your new home across the world.