Bet you don’t get Wi-Fi in a Winnebago

Written by on 2nd October 2013
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If you’re staying anywhere for more than a few weeks then you need to be comfortable and settled. No matter whether you’re shooting a ten-part TV series or a big or small budget film, it takes time and therefore comfortable living is a must. Film crews will be working long hours and may only relax when they finish for the day. Living in a caravan for six months, as comedian and actor Lee Evans recently said, is a problem for people working in the film industry. It doesn’t have to be this way.

Instead of staying in an uncomfortable caravan with no bath to soak in, they could stay in a well-located serviced apartment with a separate bathroom, bedroom, kitchen and living area with free high-speed internet. Film crews have a large entourage with a lot of equipment and would struggle to fit everyone and everything into a hotel room, whereas a serviced apartment is usually two times the size of a normal hotel room. SilverDoor has a wide range of serviced apartments in over 366 towns and cities worldwide, so we’re sure to find you somewhere to stay while you’re on set.

Some in-the-know companies have already seen the light and SilverDoor have accommodated the film crews of blockbuster titles such as Pirates of the Caribbean, John Carter, Fast Five and most recently World War Z. We have also housed the film staff that worked on E4’s hit student comedy: ‘Fresh Meat’, starring Jack Whitehall.

The Hobbit sequels and Star Wars Episode VII are scheduled for filming through 2014 at the iconic Pinewood Studios in Buckinghamshire, the birthplace of James Bond. However, J.J Abrams, the appointed Director of the new Star Wars, has claimed he doesn’t want to film here due to concerns over relocating his family. This needn’t be a problem J.J; they’ll feel right at home in our serviced apartment locations around Pinewood such as Chorleywood, Windsor and Kew, all under a twenty-five minute drive away.

What about the cost? Our apartments’ nightly rates decrease as the length of stay extends so a six month stay will cost less than you think. Another benefit for groups of people booking together is that apartments aren’t charged per person unlike hotels. So whether you’re on a budget or not, we can save you money.

For those behind the camera or in front of it, on film or television, a serviced apartment could well be the right short-term accommodation solution the film industry needs.

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