Blackout dates - SilverDoor provide

Blackout dates - SilverDoor provide

Blackout dates - SilverDoor provide
22nd November 2010

On certain dates during the year it can be difficult to get temporary accommodation. New Year and Christmas are typically known but there are also ‘blackout dates’- usually during very big events, during which accommodation is often not available or extremely difficult to come by and premium prices are demanded. A recent example of this was the Haye–Harrison fight in Manchester where finding any sort of accommodation was near impossible.

Other annual events such as Oktoberfest in Munich during September and October, Farnborough International Airshow during the month of July and the Conservative Party Conference in February are also dates when accommodation books up months in advance and those visiting the city for other purposes may find that prices are astronomical during these times.

Due to the size and prominence of London, as well as the fact that it is one of the most visited cities in the world, there are very few blackout dates in the capital. The London Marathon is an event that does almost result in most of London's serviced apartments, hotels and other accommodation being fully occupied. We say almost because SilverDoor prides itself on finding available serviced apartments when the location seems full. Finding serviced apartment accommodation in London for a client for say, a 42 night stay, which happens to fall during a major event in London is a challenge, but it is one of the things we do best.

Due to the high volume of serviced apartment reservations we make and the many long-standing relationships we have with serviced apartment providers SilverDoor is able to ensure that some apartment availability is held back for the longer stays. We work hard to persuade our partners that while it's great business to be completely full during big events and to be charging premium rates, it is also sensible to be able to accommodate longer stays, which means that they have high occupancy all-year round. For many operators, the problem of blackout dates are avoided by the imposition of minimum stay periods - 7 nights is the most common minimum stay.

Another one of the many advantages of serviced apartments compared to hotels is that serviced apartment rates generally do not fluctuate wildly due to short periods of full occupancy. In the world of serviced apartments, rates are set and valid for a certain period.

If you are looking for serviced apartment accommodation during the busiest times of the year, contact SilverDoor. We are always here to help.

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