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New rail link will improve connections to business-friendly Manchester

Written by on 31st January 2011
Category: Business Travel

Plans for a high-speed rail link between London and Manchester have been mooted at regular intervals over the last five years, but since the coalition government came to power in May last year these plans have become more concrete. After a consultation, due early this year, work on a new line connecting Manchester with London, Heathrow Airport and the high-speed line between London and the Channel Tunnel could begin as early as 2015. If approved, the link will reduce the journey time between London and Manchester from 128 minutes to 80 minutes.

Manchester is one of the UK’s most lively, exciting destinations. The city has an abundance of music venues, theatres, cinemas and restaurants – as well as an illustrious musical heritage that draws hoards of international visitors each year. It’s also a business-friendly city: last year it was voted the second best city in the UK to locate a business and it has the fastest growing economy of any urban area nationwide.

Once plans for the new rail link are confirmed, the city will be more attractive to corporations setting up new offices and could draw far more business visitors. With this in mind, and as part of our ongoing efforts to remain up to date with all of the serviced apartments in Manchester, our Rates Manager, Alice Brunel-Cohen, recently visited the city.

Alice said: “When planning my visit, I had absolutely no idea of the scale of the city so was pleasantly surprised when it only took me fifteen minutes to walk from the station to my first appointment at the Premier Suits Apartments in the Northern Quarter. The apartments are extremely central, close to the Manchester Wheel, a cinema and the main shopping centre. I was interested to hear that they offer a great service at the weekend where they offer to store all the food/clothes/luggage of their regular Monday to Friday guests while they are away.”

Alice then saw Deans Gate Apartments, which were modern with large plasma televisions. “The location is great,” she explained, “right in the financial district, close to all bars and about a 15 minute walk from the station.” She also saw Laystall House Apartments, which were very close to the station and “fantastic value for money.”

Her favourites, however, were the last apartments she visited. “The Place Apartments stand out with their exposed brickwork, steel ceiling beams and huge reception complete with fountains,” she told us. “We were only able to see two apartments, but they were both full of character with fantastic living spaces.”

Despite rainy weather and a major football match that meant many of the apartments were fully occupied, Alice had a productive trip: “I very much enjoyed my day out in Manchester. Sadly, I didn’t get a chance for any sight-seeing but the city is attractive and vibrant, there is lots going on and all of our property partners are extremely friendly and eager to please.”