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Written by on 16th August 2013
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On the 1st June 2013 the Modern Migration policy was created in the Netherlands allowing foreign nationals, with a nationality other than from the EU/EEA and Switzerland, to begin work immediately after a two week residence permit process. The Netherlands is an increasingly attractive country for international companies and skilled migrants. Have you considered working abroad? Amsterdam could be the right choice for you.

The city is a beacon for commerce thanks to an excellent transport network and favourable business policies. With 80% of the population speaking English and 90% fluent in two or more languages it really does feel like a place where business people from all around the globe can communicate freely.

Schiphol Airport was voted by business travellers as the Best European Airport, in the World Airport Awards in 2013. There are Wi-Fi connections throughout the terminal for all passengers, it is top of Europe’s on-time departures list with 83.5% of flights leaving as scheduled and has leisure facilities unmatched by any other European airport. Transfer times for Europe average 40 minutes. It houses the first airport library, a casino, massage centre, museum exhibit, theatre, shopping plaza and an observation terrace atop the terminal building.

An advertising campaign aired in November 2012 boasted Schiphol as “Heathrow’s third runway”, providing UK passengers with connections to over 275 destinations all over the world. It confirms its status as one of Europe’s most important hub airports. It also serves 23 locations in Britain operating more than 100 daily flights to the UK.

Similarly to Gatwick and Heathrow, Amsterdam Airport Schiphol operates a rail link that connects people to many destinations domestically and across Europe. Travellers can reach both Utrecht and Rotterdam in under an hour, and internationally the service connects to 15 cities in Germany and 5 in Belgium. This service also accepts the user-friendly OV-chipkaart, which is the Dutch answer to an Oyster card and operates across the whole of the country’s transport system.

Everyone needs somewhere to stay during their corporate ventures and SilverDoor has access to nearly 60 serviced apartment locations in the Dutch capital. SilverDoor has been working in the sector with serviced apartments in Amsterdam for the last seven years, confirming our status as the leader in apartment range, rates and service. Amsterdam can cater for all your business and travel needs so why not pencil in a trip to the Dutch Capital this year.

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