The Business Travellers' Best Friend - The rise of Pet Friendly Accommodation

The Business Travellers' Best Friend - The rise of Pet Friendly Accommodation

The Business Travellers' Best Friend - The rise of Pet Friendly Accommodation
11th May 2023

The most pet-friendly city in the world for business travellers has also been named London, according to our data

Casting a spotlight on pet-friendly accommodation, we've been researching and analysing our bookings and enquiries; in order to paint an overall picture of the growing industry of pet-friendly serviced apartments. 

SilverDoor’s Head of Client Services, Chris Lyon breaks down the numbers “Across the board globally, we’ve seen a significant increase in pet-friendly enquiries, up from 1% in 2019 to 5% in 2022. For some client accounts though, this can be as high as 12%.”

The origin of this trend can be seen within the pet-ownership surge, which occurred during the pandemic, where 3.2 million households in the UK acquired a pet (Source: Pet Food Manufacturers’ Association).  

With many businesses now encouraging a phased return to the office or hybrid working, as well as widespread international travel returning to the pre-pandemic level, pet owners are keen to bring their pets along for the ride. 

Below is the full story on the rise of pet friendly accommodation...

SilverDoor offers pet-friendly accommodation on a global scale 


Pet-friendly Accommodation:  What our property partners have to say… 

“96% of Cycas hotels, made up of over 45 global branded and independent hotels across 12 countries, are now pet friendly, and hotel teams have played home to all sorts of pets, from cats to birds to fish. 

However, post-pandemic, with the rise of pet ownership and the wider conversations regarding the positive impact pets can have on mental health and wellbeing, we have now seen a shift in the mindset of pet-friendly travel, even within the corporate traveller.” Martin Hird, Group Director of Sales, Cycas Hospitality

“2 in 5 requests have pets as criteria, the customer landscape has changed post covid and we (the operator) must be flexible in adhering to the needs or else you will be missing out on the fair share of enquiries.” - Naveen Chilamkurty, Revenue Manager at the Residence Apartments

“There’s been an increase of people embracing pets as part of their family nucleus.  When the family travels or relocates from one city to another, they will bring their pets along. Thus, giving rise to increased demand for pet-friendly travel services and products.” -   Serenena Koo, Director of Sales, Lanson Place Singapore

There you have it... An explanation of the rise of Pet-Friendly Accommodation, with London ranking as the world's most pet-friendly location. Are you visiting the nation's capital on a business trip and require a pet-friendly serviced apartment? Discover our portfolio here 

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