Seven Experienced Business Travellers Reveal Their Favourite Travel Tips

Written by on 12th September 2018
Category: Business Travel

When you have to travel a lot for work, it becomes something of a way of life, and you’re always looking out for the best ways to make life on the road that little bit smoother.

Whether it’s reducing your packing, making business connections or finding time to let your hair down, anything that can make jetting across time zones for meetings and conferences that little bit easier is always welcome.

That’s why we reached out to business travellers to find out some of their favourite business travel survival tips:

Brian from Pro Athlete Direct

“Have a structured schedule for what your plan and objectives are for the trip, BUT… be open to the possibilities that can (and do) arise. This is the essence of being an entrepreneur, I strongly believe.

“We got a major media grab (featured in Women’s Day magazine) as a result of me being open to reaching out to my media contacts during a trip to New York City. This was not planned, BUT it was a major media spot.”

Denise from You Define Wellness

“Learn how to pack a suitcase by rolling your clothes rather than laying them flat. You can fit far more into a suitcase this way, and traveling with as few bags as possible is always helpful.

“Secondly, invest in clothes that do not have to be ironed and two pairs of good shoes (one dressy and one casual) to take with you on your trips.

“Check out some things to do in the town you’re traveling to and make sure you visit a local restaurant and a landmark in your downtime. Time passes way too fast and you may never make it back to that city… enjoy the journey.”

Nedelina from Asian Absolute

“Most people hate routine, but most of us forget that routine shows ambition. And on the road, it can keep you sane. No matter where you go, keep some things constant from your normal day to day.

“For example, this may be waking up around six, reading a bit of news or even just checking your phone. Some people see travel as an excuse to let go of their routine and go wild – eating strange foods, going to bed late or drinking a lot of wine, but that beats you down and makes you susceptible to stress and sickness.

“Most importantly, routine keeps you grounded. In keeping the majority of your routine intact while traveling, you are in a sense always at home. Since we are most productive at home, nothing is going to change when you hit the airport or a new city.”

Louise from AGLAIA Magazine

“Never travel with check-in luggage. I used to do this, but these days I find travelling with only hand luggage much less hassle and it means you can turn up to the airport later and get out the other end quicker.

“Always make sure you take your own toiletries. As a woman, I always carry roll-on deodorant, a mini perfume bottle, a sheet mask and a great moisturiser. I also start my journey sans makeup, then apply the sheet mask an hour before landing, then moisturise, and then apply makeup 30 minutes before landing, so I’m ready to hit the ground running.

“Always bring backup batteries and chargers and always carry a worldwide plug adaptor.”

Christian Eilers from Dauntless Jaunter

“Bring only carry-aboard luggage, if possible. Checking luggage might save you a bit of lifting at the airport, but it comes with a host of potential nightmares just waiting to happen. One of the biggest stressors when flying is getting to the airport late, but when you’re not checking bags in, you can often just skip the lines at the counter and go straight to security (after checking in online).

“Bringing your work laptop and fretting about it getting banged around by the baggage handlers? You avoid that anxiety when you handle it yourself for the entire journey. On top of that, you have eyes on your bag for the whole trip, and you can rest (and fly) assured knowing that your bag won’t get lost en route.”

Nicole from Landau Consulting Solutions

“Safety should always be in the front of your mind. When determining if I’m going to pay extra to park in the car park closest to the airport or the one which is uncovered and walk, I look at my departure and arrival times.

“If either one is during the early or late hours, I will pay extra for the close parking. I don’t want to be walking through the airport car park when it’s dark and there aren’t many people around. The same is true when you are at your destination.  Be aware of your surroundings at all times.”

Jim Brown from Ask. J Brown

“Add 1-2 days to the trip for personal exploration. Business travel is NOT luxurious. You may think that you’re getting to visit a great city, but the reality is, you’re going to stay in a boring hotel, take an Uber to a drab office or conference room, have a late dinner, and then go back to your room to get the work done you didn’t get to do during the day. If you extend your trip, you can go and explore the city itself and still get your company to pay for the travel to and from.”

Do you think we’ve missed any great travel tips? If so, we’d love to hear yours … drop us a line and let us know!