Business Travel to Singapore

Business Trip To Singapore

Written by on 28th March 2019
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SilverDoor in APAC

As Singapore is one of the leading financial hubs in the world it is no surprise it is a key destination for business travellers.  SilverDoor Apartments’ first international office opened in Singapore nearly 3 years ago and as a result, several members of the SD team have experienced business trips to Singapore first-hand. Here we find out how SilverDoor account manager Daisy Vernon found her first experience of business travel to Singapore.

When the opportunity arose for one of the SilverDoor team to visit and assist in the APAC office in Singapore, account manager Daisy jumped at the chance.  Usually based in our Lancaster office, Daisy’s continued hard work and enthusiasm meant she was the ideal candidate for this opportunity.

What first interested you in working in Singapore?

“During my time at university, I did a work placement in America which I loved.  I have always enjoyed travelling so being able to experience working in Singapore seemed such a great opportunity.  Having never travelled to Asia, I was really interested in the Cultural differences between Singapore and the UK, as well as the lovely hot weather!  I was also attracted to learning more about our APAC locations, as well as the different property partners and clients we have there.”

What was your first impression of Singapore?

“It’s beautiful! As you leave the airport, the streets are lined with trees and flowers which is very fitting for the Garden City. Then as you enter the Downtown area, all of the buildings are so modern and shiny, and the streets are so clean.  For such a busy business hub it actually seems so spacious and green!”

Scenic view of Singapore city

How did you find travelling around the city?

“It is really easy to get around Singapore and I felt safe exploring the city, even on my own. Using the MRT and bus systems is so easy. I mainly used Google Maps to help me navigate around the city as it would advise which MRT line to take and where to change. After a few days I was confident in navigating around by myself using the colour coded MRT system. The trains and buses in Singapore are also air conditioned so it is a great escape from the heat”

What did you think of the SilverDoor APAC office in Singapore?

“SilverDoor APAC office is located in Tower 2 of One Raffles Place, right in the heart of the Central Business District. The SilverDoor office looks over the Singapore River and out to the City Hall area. It was amazing to look out and admire the view every day. It was great spending time with the Singapore team and being able to visit some of the fantastic serviced apartments we have in the city.”

SilverDoor APAC Office in Singapore

Daisy with some of the SilverDoor APAC team

Which serviced apartments in Singapore did you visit?

 “I really enjoyed being able to view some of the serviced apartments we feature in Singapore, it enabled me to get a true feel for them and the locations they are in.  We have such a great range of serviced apartments in Singapore we can really tailor our options to our client’s needs.

Living Area at Ascott Orchard Apartments Singapore

Ascott Orchard Apartments

Some of my favourite apartments I visited were….

Oakwood Premier Apartments OUE Singapore Pool Area

Oakwood Premier OUE Singapore

Did you notice any difference in the way business is conducted in Singapore?

“The currency and tax rules are different in Singapore so it was important to learn these before going. In terms of day to day business, everyone I met was so friendly and helpful!  I particularly enjoyed spending time with some of our Singapore property partners face to face too, it is a really lovely community.”

 What was your favourite thing about Singapore?

“Everything! There isn’t any negative that I could say about Singapore. It is definitely the most beautiful country I have visited, there is so much to see and do. Even after two weeks I would love to visit again.”

Any tips for those taking a business trip to Singapore ?

“Try and allocate some time to explore the city, even if your time is limited there are some great sights close to the CBD.  My favourite activity was visiting the bar Ce La Vie at the top of Marina Bay Sands. The view over Singapore was absolutely amazing and if you time it right, you can watch the sunset over the city while sipping cocktails. Supertree Grove at Gardens by the Bay is also a must see.”

Sunset view from Ce La Vie Marina Bay Sands Singapore

View from Ce La Vie Marina Bay Sands Singapore

3 words that best describe Singapore?

“Beautiful, Clean, Safe”.

How do you feel you benefited from your business trip to Singapore?

“I feel that I was able to build my knowledge on Singapore and APAC greatly. It was really beneficial to visit the properties over there and learn more about how serviced apartments work in Asian countries. It was also great to build relationships with the Singapore team and understand more about what they do differently to us. I feel that I have lots of knowledge to pass on to the rest of the UK team and will now be on hand for any APAC related questions.”

Travelling to Singapore?
If you’re planning a business trip to Singapore our dedicated client advisers will be able to assist you and help find the perfect accommodation solution for your trip. Contact us here.