Business trip to San Francisco Bay? 6 tips you need to know

Business trip to San Francisco Bay? 6 tips you need to know

Business trip to San Francisco Bay? 6 tips you need to know
21st January 2020

San Francisco has an international appeal to business travellers and tourists alike. With Silicon Valley offering countless business opportunities and the city’s high standard of living attracting families from across the US and beyond, there are many reasons why San Francisco is a great place to live and why it continues to be a popular destination for business travellers. To cater to clients visiting the Bay on business, we offer the very best corporate housing in San Francisco. In addition to finding the right accommodation with SilverDoor, there are many more ways you can optimise your corporate stay in this iconic location. A distinctive and unique city with its own idiosyncratic culture and character, read our top tips to ensure you get off to the right start on your business trip to San Francisco.

1. Dress Like a Local

San Francisco residents can often be seen wearing designer hoodies and jeans

Renowned for its open culture and ‘anything goes’ attitude, particularly in terms of clothing, dressing however you feel most comfortable on your business trip to San Francisco is advisable. With the high flying tech companies in the region promoting a ‘smart casual’ dress code for work (which has become a global industry standard), San Francisco has a less formal feel than other major cities, such as New York and London. However, it is important to consider the climate before packing for your business trip to San Francisco. Deceptively cool, even the sunniest days in San Francisco can have a chilly feel due to the blanket of fog which is pulled over the city from the ocean. Nights are particularly cold, so make sure you pack a comfortable and cosy jacket for evenings out with colleagues.

2. Be ready to travel

The iconic cable cars of San Francisco help residents ascend and descend its steep streets

Home to the world-famous Filbert Street, which has a steepness grade of 31.5%, San Francisco is known for its rolling hills and inclines. It’s essential, therefore, that you pack a pair of comfortable shoes for traversing the challenging city streets. Even short walks in heels or brogues are not advised – particularly if you are in a rush to get to an important meeting. Thankfully, a respite from hill climbing comes in the form of a range of public transport options – the most famous being the San Francisco cable cars which haul passengers up and down the seemingly never-ending streets. Connecting our corporate furnished apartments in San Francisco with all the major destinations in and around the Bay, the city’s transportation system – Muni – provides buses, trains and streetcars in addition to cable cars to allow for fast and fuss-free travel.  For an even more convenient travel experience, Uber taxis are available throughout the city; in fact, the company was launched in San Francisco in 2011.

3. Take a Camera

There are opportunities for incredible photographs around every corner

Although your business trip to San Francisco will be focused on scheduled corporate appointments, taking a camera (or at the very least a good quality phone camera) is essential. Simple morning walks in the city provide incredible sunrises and spectacular views of the surrounding hills and mountains; you don’t need to be an experienced photographer to capture a memorable shot in San Francisco. In addition to views of the mountains and ocean, San Francisco offers a plethora of fascinating buildings, which themselves are excellent photograph subjects. Grace Cathedral, the Transamerica Pyramid and Coit Tower are just some of the extravagant creations spread throughout the city. If you have the time, we recommend taking a trip to one of the city’s highest points and capturing a panoramic shot of the incredible Bay vistas. (Why not try Twin Peaks as recommended in our blog of things to do in San Francisco?)

4. Be Tech Savvy

The pedestrians of San Francisco can often be seen touting the latest technology on the market

When visiting one of the most technologically advanced cities in the world, it’s important to make sure you have sufficient technology with you. Whether it’s ensuring you have an optimised smartphone to make use of the free Wi-Fi available across the city, or a fast laptop for immediate boot up in business meetings, making sure your tech doesn’t let you down in the home of Silicon Valley should be high on your priority list. If you find that your technology simply isn’t up to scratch during your stay, why not visit the ultra-chic and futuristic Apple Union Square store and upgrade your hardware? You can even stay ahead of the curve by taking a tour of Silicon Valley or enrolling in an immersion programme and getting to grips with some of the hottest tech and upcoming trends on the market.

5. Learn the Lingo

San Francisco's busy streets are alive with local dialects and expressions

Just because you’re embarking on a ‘strictly business’ trip to San Francisco doesn’t mean you won’t encounter some of the more idiosyncratic local expressions along your travels. To make sure you aren’t getting the wrong end of the stick in conversations with associates and other acquaintances; brush up on some of the local lingo before you. Unsurprisingly, there are many expressions relating to San Francisco Bay weather – ‘Karl is out’ refers to the city’s mascot, Karl the fog, engulfing the city, whereas ‘June Gloom’ describes the typically foggy San Francisco summers. Other phrases which might catch you out include ‘415’ (meaning the city itself, defined by its area code), ‘yee’ (meaning yes), ‘swoop’ (picking someone up in a car) and ‘finna’ (meaning about to do/go to).

6. Dine off the beaten track

Street food is a huge part of daily life in San Francisco, with events celebrating local cuisine occurring annually

As you would expect from a major US city, San Francisco is filled with chain restaurants and franchise diners providing good quality food favourites. But the best food is often found in the smaller venues across the city, all offering the famous fresh produce the city is famed for. Unassuming but full of charm and serving delicious food, venues such as Cassava and Frascati are loved by the locals; their popularity is testament to their exquisite dishes. You can also find sensational snacks around the city from virtually any food truck, with freshly prepared burritos being a favourite at lunch. Visiting the Ferry Building to explore the Farmer’s Market is also highly recommended when seeking out quality cuisine or good quality produce to create a meal of your own in your serviced apartment.  

Now that you have the tips you need to plan your business trip, make sure you view our excellent selection of corporate housing in San Francisco – and see some of our favourites in our recent article detailing 8 of the very best furnished apartments the city has to offer.

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