How to get the most from your business trip

Written by on 8th March 2013
Category: Business Travel

Business trips can vary enormously from one experience to the next. It can be difficult for first time corporate travellers to know what to expect, but sometimes even seasoned travellers don’t always get it right. Serviced apartments are a good way of maintaining at least one stable aspect of staying away from home, but what else can you do to ensure you get the most from your next business trip?

Knowledge is power

It may seem like an obvious idea to research the appointed destination, but business trips sometimes happen last minute or the everyday demands of life get in the way until it’s too late. Make time to find at least some basic information about where you’re staying, particularly the local area around your business accommodation – it might come in useful if you need to stock up on toiletries or food items. Google Street View is an extremely useful tool that enables you to explore streets from ground level.

Schedule meetings to avoid peak times

Travelling during rush hour can be stressful enough in your home town or city, but imagine doing the same in an unfamiliar location with the added pressure of trying to reach a meeting on time! Don’t get caught out by differing transport procedures or delays; schedule meetings during off-peak hours. Alternatively, some serviced apartment buildings have meeting and event rooms available on request which offers the perfect solution to avoiding the rush.

Download travel apps

According to a recent global study by Avanade, 60% of companies surveyed reported that most of their employees use personal computing devices at work. It’s unsurprising that these mobile devices also play an essential role in corporate travel. Optimise your travel experience by downloading the latest dedicated apps: manage and log your working time more effectively with Hourstracker, find local amenities and reviews with YPmobile or Business Traveller City Guides, and use DropBox or PocketCloud to access personal files wherever you are in the world. There are now even voice operated language translators, such as SayHi for iOS, and apps like WorldMate that consolidate your itineraries with real-time weather updates, local services and travel directions. SilverDoor’s own iPhone app enables you to find and view images of serviced apartments near your current location, and you can create a shortlist or get in touch with our sales team at the press of a button.

Discover something new

Although the primary reason for any business trip is professional, it doesn’t mean you can’t make the most of your visit. Free time in the evenings or on weekends can be the perfect opportunity to explore the culture of a destination and see some amazing sights. If you’re staying for a significant period, demonstrate efficiency by learning the language and customs; these can be extremely beneficial to future business trips and could help your company as a whole to improve their business relationships.

Image: Miiish (Creative Commons License)