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7 Tips you need to know when travelling to Melbourne on business

Written by on 6th January 2020
Category: APAC, Business travel and relocation

With the number of professionals travelling to Melbourne on business growing year on year (as highlighted in our recent article detailing the top serviced apartments in Melbourne), the city offers an array of activities, attractions and amenities for corporate travellers to enjoy. To ensure your business trip to Melbourne is optimised to be a most […]

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The Top 6 serviced apartments in Melbourne for Business Travel

Written by on 13th November 2019
Category: APAC, Business travel and relocation, Featured apartments

As we established in our recent article outlining which is the best Australian city, Melbourne is a thriving business hub home to multiple world-leading corporation headquarters and a host of internationally renowned cultural attractions. Business travel to the city is growing, with the 338,000 business visitors to Melbourne in the year ending March 2019 indicative […]

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The great Australian debate: is Melbourne better than Sydney?

Written by on 6th November 2019
Category: APAC, City guides

It’s a debate that has never truly been settled – which Australian city is better, Melbourne or Sydney? Despite neither city being the country’s true capital, both are better known than most Australian cities – thanks to their portrayal in films and television (Melbourne being the location of the fictional Neighbours suburb, and Sydney being […]

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Eric’s APAC Rundown: The Best 8 Serviced Apartments in the Asia Pacific

Written by on 27th August 2019
Category: APAC

By Eric Sin I’m coming up to my third anniversary as a Partner Account Manager at SilverDoor Apartments, but I’ve spent my whole career working in the global mobility industry, amassing some 15 years of experience. In that time I’ve worked alongside property partners all across the APAC region, from Singapore to Sydney and Shanghai […]

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8 Outstanding Serviced Apartments in Sydney, Australia

Written by on 6th August 2019
Category: APAC, Featured apartments

As recently highlighted in our 22 Things to do in Sydney guide, Australia’s second most frequently visited city continues to grow in popularity as a business travel destination. Should you require a residence for a business trip to Australia, perhaps as a base from which to liaise with potential clients or expand your operations, our […]

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The 3 Best Serviced Apartments in Marina Bay, Singapore

Written by on 29th May 2019
Category: APAC, Featured apartments

If you’re heading to Singapore on business and need somewhere to stay, you can’t go wrong with a serviced apartment in Marina Bay. Following substantial investment over the past few decades, the area is now the stunning focal point of the Central Business District. As well as being home to the landmark Marina Bay Sands […]

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