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Why New York is the Most Popular Business Travel Destination

Written by on 13th February 2019
Category: Business, City guides, Travel

In a study conducted earlier in 2019, New York was named the world’s top destination for global business travel for the fourth consecutive year. London and Paris followed and Shanghai took fourth spot, showcasing China’s rapid growth as a 21st-century business travel hotspot. However, the Big Apple has once again proven that it is still […]

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The New York Travel Guide

Written by on 11th January 2019
Category: Business travel and relocation, City guides, Featured apartments, Serviced apartment news

In a study conducted in early 2019, it was revealed that New York has remained the world’s most popular destination for business travel for the fourth consecutive year. Based on flight demand data from countries all around the globe, the study concluded that the Big Apple’s market superiority is certainly set to continue with the […]

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Top New Developments in Manchester

Written by on 10th December 2018
Category: City guides

Manchester is a city on the brink of change. As one of the fastest growing cities in Europe, it’s expanding at a rate not seen since the Industrial Revolution, and has some truly remarkable developments in the pipeline. With more than 11,000 new residential units on the way and over 40 projects under construction, Manchester is transforming […]

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Manchester Business Travel Guide

Written by on 13th November 2018
Category: City guides

By Anton Constantinou London might be the most diverse city in the UK, but Manchester is just as cool and cosmopolitan. A cultural city famed for its music, sport and fashion, it boasts a unique charm, drawing business travellers from all over the world with its friendly, individualistic spirit. As the birthplace of the Industrial Revolution, […]

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Top 12 Singapore Lifestyle Blogs

Written by on 16th May 2018
Category: City guides

By Anton Constantinou Singapore is a country best explored on foot, but how are you to know where to go without the right resources in place. Luckily there are lots of websites out there to help bring you up to speed with what it has to offer. We’ve scoured the internet in search of relevant […]

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12 Free Things to Do in Singapore

Written by on 24th April 2018
Category: City guides

By Anton Constantinou Singapore may be one of the most expensive places to visit, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy it on a budget. The Lion City is full of great cost- effective activities, which range from the adventurous to the educational. Given that we have an office out there, we thought we’d do […]

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