Chicago’s most iconic buildings and the impressive stories behind them

Chicago’s most iconic buildings and the impressive stories behind them

Chicago’s most iconic buildings and the impressive stories behind them
8th June 2021

Famed for its rich cultural history, stunning architecture and capricious climate - Chicago is one of the largest and most important cities in the U.S. The Windy City is a true triumph of American industrialism and one need only take in the buildings in Chicago for an insight into its diversity and grandeur.

Home of the very first skyscraper ever constructed - the Home Insurance Building – the buildings in Chicago have continued to innovate, pioneer and revolutionise the way visitors and residents alike interact with the city itself.

We take a look at some of the most iconic buildings in Chicago and find out just how they came to shape Chicago’s spectacular skyline.

Willis Tower

Chicago buildings
Once the tallest building in the world, The Willis Tower in Chicago dominates the skyline

While it was renamed the Willis Tower in 2009, most resident Chicagoans and visitors to the city will still know it as the Sears Tower. The Willis Tower is undoubtedly among the most famous buildings in Chicago, and stands as the second tallest building in North America. A monolithic 110 stories tall, it held the title of world’s tallest building for 25 years until it was surpassed in 2013 by the new One World Trade Center.

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Tribune Tower

Chicago buildings
The Neo-Gothic architecture of the Chicago Tribune Tower makes it instantly recognisable


Striking and wonderfully incongruous, the Tribune Tower is the epitome of architectural expression. Designed in the magnificent neo-Gothic style, the 140-metre tower is a true gem and a breathtaking example of the creativity of the buildings in Chicago. As the name suggests, the tower once housed the world-famous Chicago Tribune, which in 1922 hosted an exterior design competition for its new headquarters. Three years later, in 1925, the building was complete and became a celebrated addition to Chicago’s burgeoning skyline.

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Chicago Water Tower

Chicago historic building
The Chicago Water Tower now houses the City Gallery which showcases a wide range of local art

Taking pride of place along Chicago’s Magnificent Mile is the intricately-designed Chicago Water Tower. Arguably the city’s most treasured landmark, the limestone structure was one of the only buildings to survive the Great Chicago Fire of 1871. Having recently celebrated its 150th sesquicentennial, locals have adopted it as a symbol of Chicago’s rebirth. The building in Chicago now houses a local art gallery and has often been the subject of many tall tales and ghost stories. The Chicago Water Tower is one of the must-visit buildings in Chicago.

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Wrigley Field

Embedded in the community, Wrigley Field is more than just a baseball park


No list of Chicago landmarks would be complete without the legendary ballpark, Wrigley Field. A Chicago institution, the baseball field is the second-oldest in the US and is as charming and nostalgic as any in the sport. Home of the Chicago Cubs baseball team, the structure is most famous for its ivy-covered walls which naturally turn from red to green as the season progresses into spring.

Truly a cornerstone of the community, the building in Chicago is set into the surrounding neighbourhood, allowing local residents to watch the games from their rooftops.

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Garfield Park Conservatory

Chicago architecture
The Palm House at Garfield Park Conservatory shows why it's considered Chicago's urban oasis

Often dubbed ‘landscape art under glass’, Garfield Park Conservatory is a horticultural haven in the midst of the city. One of many unique buildings in Chicago, this two-acre greenhouse has long been the cultural centrepiece of Chicago’s three sprawling Westside parks, Homboldt Park, Garfield Park and Douglas Park.

In 2011, the conservatory itself was severely damaged by a fierce hailstorm. Shards of glass were strewn across the interior of the conservatory and hung dangerously from the roofs. Repairs to the building were meticulous, ensuring the plants remained protected throughout. The Grand Re-Opening was celebrated across the city in 2015, and fittingly took place on Earth Day.

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