Cities you never knew were amazing for business

Cities you never knew were amazing for business

Cities you never knew were amazing for business
4th June 2018

Business travel often falls in the realms of repetitive. The same destinations are usually drawn up with London, New York, and Hong Kong, most likely always in the cards. However, there are plenty of cities that are growing in urban development and becoming world players in the global economy. These lesser known cities are on the rise and are rapidly increasing in investment from abroad and popularity with corporate travel. We have put together a list of eight cities that are great not only for their transport links, but their ability to shape what business travel will become in the future.











Baku may be the capital of Azerbaijan but it is one of the lesser known capitals in the world. Its hosting of major international conventions and its position as a main trader in industrial, cultural and energy fuels the majority of Azerbaijan's income; with Europeans and Americans investing in this city due to the city's oil reserves. Many international corporations are already planning offices in this city. Baku is also home to incredible architecture and a stunning coastline with a westernised feel.


Incheon is a city you may have heard of in passing, but it definitely deserves a place on this list. Its ultra-modern buildings and global businesses means this city is well renowned for being at the forefront of technology. Incheon is growing rapidly and now houses many international corporations and headquarters.

Incheon Airport is also a massive player in the South Korean economy and has strengthened the economy with trade and commercial traffic.


Abuja is the capital of Nigeria but not often thought of when it comes to business travel. It is one of the most populous cities in Nigeria and is the backbone and centre of trade and commerce in this country. Abuja is the fastest growing city in Africa and plans are in place to construct skyscrapers and sprawling urban development within the next few years. Many multinational and international corporations are investing in this ever developing city.


Aachen is situated in a prime position for corporate travel. Bordering Belgium and a short journey from Cologne, this city is all about commuting as well as being home to Aachen University which makes up most of the city's economy, relying also on being the administrative nerve for coal mining in Germany. This city is one not to be overlooked.

Nearby cities including Cologne, Dusseldorf, Bonn, Liege, Brussels, and Eindhoven are a short drive away, making Aachen an ideal commuting hub.


Castle Donnington may be a small town in Leicestershire, but this town is more than it seems. Situated next to East Midlands Airport, and within easy reach of many major cities including, Loughborough, Nottingham, Birmingham and Derby. It is mainly a commuter town and offers great transport links to surrounding areas.

The town is easy to get to and provides business travellers with peace and quiet in the countryside.


Although Iceland doesn’t often spring to mind when business travel is brought up, the capital, Reykjavik offers corporate travellers a fantastic destination with amazing transport connections. Situated on the coast, Reykjavik is home to striking architecture, surrounded by impressive volcanic scenery.

However, the nearby airport is a short distance from both Europe and American airports, thus providing great routes from this city. The city itself is home to many headquarters and is a major player in the use of geo-thermal technology and tourism.


Its vast rich history and old city make Tallinn a prime destination for tourists, and often this city is associated with just that. However, the city centre is alive with modern technology companies and offices. Tallinn takes pride in its economy being fuelled by new era technological research and was originally the birthplace of Skype. Ericsson and Nato Cyber Defence offices also make their home here.


Espoo may not be the capital of Finland, but its ideal location and innovative business make it a lively hub for corporate travel. Within reach of Helsinki, Vantaa and Kauniainen, this city is perfectly positioned. Major universities and companies are also based here including Nokia, Fortum, and Tieto.

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