Is the concept of luxury travel changing?

Is the concept of luxury travel changing?

Is the concept of luxury travel changing?
20th February 2013

What springs to mind when you think of luxury travel? In the last few years this concept has been redefining itself in both the business and leisure industries, with aspirations shifting from extravagance to experience. In the current global economic climate, it seems that travellers across the board have become less concerned with lavish hotel rooms and indulgent spa treatments, instead focussing their attention - and hard earned income - on personal growth.

Adventure and education are becoming increasingly popular motives for leisure based trips, as travellers seek authentic tailored experiences that can’t be replicated from one destination to the next. It’s just as important in the corporate world; business trips are ideal opportunities to gain insider knowledge of local areas and customs that prove invaluable assets to a company.

However, companies of all profiles are continuing to reduce travel expenditure while seeking to retain the luxury standard. This conflict of aims has prompted accommodation providers like SilverDoor to focus on helping budgets to stretch further, for example by encouraging lower accommodation rates and reduced or no fees for amenities such as Wi-Fi. In addition, the growing influence of social media and user generated reviews means that travellers today have much higher expectations of personalised service; recommendation of restaurants, organisation of transport and even the simple remembrance of a name can often make all the difference.It may sound like an impossible task, but luxury travel isn’t unattainable. SilverDoor offers luxury in both senses of the word: our dedicated account managers provide one reliable point of contact and will endeavour to find you the best of what’s on offer to suit your needs and requirements. Moreover, with up to thirty per cent more space in a serviced apartment than a hotel room and decreasing costs for lengthier stays, there’s no need to compromise on luxury.

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