From the restaurant to the street

From the restaurant to the street

From the restaurant to the street
8th January 2014

When you’re away on business for an extended period of time, the food you eat can have a huge impact on your health and well-being. It’s not all about cafes and restaurants, as fresh ingredients and cooked dishes on markets usually reflect the true taste of a country’s culinary delights. India and China are huge business travel destinations and are known for their varied approach to food. Stalls of food markets line the streets selling a variety of spices, vegetables and obscure ingredients you probably won’t find in a supermarket.

If you’re travelling to India you won’t find anything resembling a British interpretation of a curry dish. Across the country, street food is cheap, varied and delicious whilst restaurants range from small shacks to exclusive, air conditioned parlours. Restaurant food in Japan can be intricate, but it’s also a great place to learn how to do it yourself. You can buy sushi-making ingredients and equipment, allowing you to haggle for fish at an open-air market if you’re an early riser. Across the Middle East you’ll get used to bartering in the spice souks and there’s plenty of choice for creating your own mezze at home – perfect for a relaxed business lunch.

Italy, France and Spain are classic foodie destinations, but other European countries also offer distinct dishes. Austrian cuisine combines aristocratic western European food – cakes, pastries and tortes - with Middle Eastern influences from its Turkish migrant communities. Wander down the 1.5km long Naschmarkt to sample it all. There are many cities where you can incorporate your love of food with the culture surrounding it. Cooking courses across the globe introduce you to ingredients and techniques you might not be familiar with, which is perfect for home-cooking. These courses also provide ample opportunity to meet new people who may also be unfamiliar with a country’s culinary culture.

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