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Cut the cost of corporate travel

Written by on 8th May 2012
Category: Business Travel

At a time when many businesses are looking to cut costs, here are some of the best ways to reduce spending on corporate travel.

Location vs. transport costs

Booking accommodation outside the city centre is often a cheaper option, but it’s always worthwhile weighing up the savings you could make with the added transport expenses. It might be worth paying slightly more for accommodation that is within walking distance of your office – provided, that is, that you will walk on a regular basis.

Fly at night

Although it isn’t always a viable option, it may be worthwhile flying overnight to avoid paying for an extra night’s stay.

Free Wi-Fi

It’s now essential for most business travellers, but a recent investigation found most hotel chains still charge over the odds for internet access. Free access is far more common in serviced apartments than in hotels: of the 2,000+ apartment buildings on our website, 70% offer complimentary internet access.

Book an apartment

If you’re staying somewhere for a long period of time, serviced apartments are often a much cheaper alternative to hotels. See our price comparison page.

Eat in

In a recent discussion in the Business Traveller forum one person said they had been charged £20 for a breakfast that consisted of a few bits of bacon and cold baked beans. It’s frustrating when you have no option but to eat out, and end up being charged over the odds for it. Serviced apartments have cooking facilities so you can cook whatever you like, whenever you like – and make significant savings.

Book what you really need

We all like little luxuries, but if you’re only staying in an apartment for a few nights, ask yourself whether you’ll really get a chance to use that spa bath, tennis court or on-site cinema.