Does personality matter in the workplace?

Written by on 20th November 2013
Category: SilverDoor news

Personality is of the utmost importance in many industries, notably the hospitality industry. Providing our clients with the best all-round service, and a product that can meet their specific requirements is what SilverDoor does. We offer over 100,000 serviced apartments in more than 366 towns and cities worldwide. With a high level of repeat business you could say we’ve got the product right.

An integral part to our operations is our Client Relations. Ensuring our clients receive the best possible service cannot be done without the right people and, more importantly, the right personalities. If you’re establishing relationships on a daily basis, being likable will almost always influence a client’s decision to work with you. But it’s also important to know what personality types flourish in the workplace, and how this changes between different industries.

There are all kinds of personality types that make up an office, which can affect the decision whether or not a person is hired. Virgin mogul, Sir Richard Branson, sees personality as being ‘more important than skill when hiring employees’, which supports a changing trend in recruitment perspectives. The methods in which HR and Recruitment managers hire new employees are constantly developing. One thing for sure is that personality can’t be taught. It’s that inherent disposition that drives us and what we rely on most.

There are a number of practitioners with theories that analyse personality, but at SilverDoor we use Andy Edwards’ model of Insights Discovery. The test asks you to arrange four coloured cards which are labelled with adjectives that best describe your different attitudes and traits. Once you’ve arranged them in order it reveals your personality type based on your selection. Learning about staff motivation will help team cohesion in the workplace and, after reviewing your own personality, you’ll be self-aware within groups.

I’m a yellow ‘with well developed people skills, (I’m) persuasive and produce creative solutions to others’ problems’. I also know not to let my creativity overflow and annoy a blue. What type of personality are you?