Inside Scoop: Dolphin House reveal all

Written by on 23rd November 2012
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In this week’s Inside Scoop, we chat to Tracie Crombie, Melissa Seneviratne and Janice Cardenas from Dolphin House, who talk to us about the history of their apartments and describe SilverDoor as a very “today-thinking” company.

How do you think associations like the HBAA are important for the industry?

Tracie: For serviced apartments specifically, an association like the HBAA is incredibly important. There are many things we need to achieve, such as a formalised set of policies guiding the way we do business and a set of brand standards, but also from a client learning point of view. I think there are many clients out there who don’t realise the benefit of serviced apartments in terms of cost, quality and product, so I’m a big fan of this type of association.

I know Dolphin House has a very interesting history with many celebrities having stayed with you. Could you tell us a little bit about it?

Tracie: We find that certainly within presentations we’ve started to revert back to the history of the building in terms of selling it in today’s world, because its history is very interesting and draws people in. We have created a lovely coffee table photo book illustrating the building’s history and placed it in all our long stay corporate housing apartments.  There’s also a whole section on our website about our history to increase general awareness.

Do you have any new projects in the pipeline?

Tracie: We hope not! [Engi: How come?] Well, just because we’ve had one every year since 2006! Our latest opening, earlier this year, was our Moroccan-inspired spa for which we’ve just won the Day Spa of the Year award so that’s very exciting.

Now on to the fun questions… To put you on the spot, who’s your favourite SilverDoorian? And you can’t say Alice or Stuart because they’re sitting here!

Melissa: Oh, it was going to be you Stuart! OK… can we all choose one?! [Engi: Of course…] But I have two! [Engi: Only one I’m afraid!] OK, it would probably be Daniel. I’ve worked with him the longest and we’ve often seen each other at networking events and I kind of know him as a friend as well as a colleague.

Janice: I have two as well! I have Daniel and… [Engi: You can’t have Daniel as well!] OK OK, I’ll have Alex. [Engi: They are popular boys! Why Alex?] I just have a really good relationship with him. He’s so great to talk to and he’s just great to do business with.

Tracie: Although I don’t actually speak to her that much on a regular basis, I would probably say Joanna. I’ve known her as a SilverDoorian for as long as I’ve known Stuart and the good thing I find is that whatever issues are raised during a meeting, you know you’re going to have a resolution at the end of it. I have a lot of respect for her for that.

And following tradition, what does SilverDoor do for your business?

Tracie: About 3,500 room nights a year! [Engi: That’s it? Just kidding!] That’s loads! From my point of view, you sometimes make us think outside the box. SilverDoor is quite a ‘today-thinking’ funky company; well, that’s how you come across to us anyway. From my point of view, not taking away from the revenue generation between the two companies, SilverDoor is certainly a company that makes us think and try to find that little bit more.

Now for the love it or hate it round…

50 Shades of Grey: Melissa: Love it.

X Factor: Janice: Love it. Melissa: Love it.

James Bond films: Melissa: Love them. Janice: Love them.

Marmite: Melissa: Hate it. Janice: I’m in the middle, umm – hate it.

Twitter: Melissa: Hate it. Janice: Hate it.

Look out for next week’s Inside Scoop with Rohan Bhargava from BeeAar Hospitality, in which we delve into the serviced apartment industry in India.