Inside Scoop: Dreamhouse Apartments reveal all

Written by on 28th September 2012
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In this week’s Inside Scoop we chat to Nick Chauffaut and Galina McNeil from Dreamhouse Apartments, who tell us how much they think the industry has changed over the last few years and how happy SilverDoor are as a company.

How much do you think the serviced apartment industry has changed over the course of the year?

Nick: I think it’s getting stronger and stronger. We’re taking a good share of business from hotels and there is a lot more awareness about it. A lot of corporate people are seeing that it makes more sense to stay in an apartment than in a hotel; you get more space and more privacy so it’s a win-win situation.

Galina: When we started in 2004, we were one of the only apartment providers in Glasgow and now serviced apartments are popping up like mushrooms there. It’s such a rapidly growing industry.

Nick: You take cities like Edinburgh and there is so much competition. I think there are about 20 providers there now – it’s amazing. The concept is absolutely brilliant and it makes so much sense.

Alice tells us you’re taking on new apartments in London soon, what are they like?

Nick: Yes, they’re fantastic of course! In London we’re going to offer a choice of one, two and three bedroom apartments. We’ve got three locations: Canary Wharf, St George Wharf and Barbican. There will be a small number of apartments to start with but we’re aiming to have 40-50 apartments by this time next year in London, depending on the business of course. We want these apartments to reflect what Dreamhouse is offering in other cities – comfortable, upmarket apartments which are competitively priced.

What does SilverDoor do for your business?

Nick: A lot! When we come to your office, we always feel very welcome. Everyone comes up to us and shakes our hands, Stuart and Alice always have time for us and you’re a very professional team full of great people. You’re also the first ones to know if we get any new properties or expand into new locations. You’re an absolutely fantastic team and we can’t believe how much you’ve grown – it’s amazing. Also, everybody seems to be so happy; it’s so nice to see constantly smiling faces.

Galina: They have a pool table and TV upstairs, of course they’re happy!

We have Wii, table football, air hockey, pool, a TV, a dartboard… We’re so lucky. Marcus and Chris really spoil us.

Nick: Are you looking for staff!? No honestly though, it’s great to work with you guys. We’ve always had a good relationship with SilverDoor and we hope to keep it that way for many years.

And now for the quick fire round…


Football or rugby: Formula 1

Tea or coffee: Tea

Motorbikes or cars: Both

Sean Connery or Daniel Craig: Sean Connery

Blonde or brunette: Both


Shoes or handbags: Handbags… Shoes… Both!

Beach holiday or city break: Beach holiday

Twitter or Facebook: Neither

iPhone or Blackberry: iPhone

Dark or milk chocolate: Milk

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