How can serviced apartment operators entice more business travellers?

How can serviced apartment operators entice more business travellers?

How can serviced apartment operators entice more business travellers?
18th August 2014

More and more business travellers are becoming aware of the benefits of serviced apartments over hotels. In the past, hotels have been the first choice for many people looking for temporary accommodation but this is changing. We've come up with a few suggestions for operators to continue and develop more interest in serviced apartments.

Providing added value is something that will always win over any business traveller and operators stand out by presenting something more than their core offering. Welcome packs are always welcome, onsite gyms are convenient and a Sky package is the ultimate entertainment luxury. So what else should operators concentrate on to make business travellers sit up and take notice?

The extra space afforded by serviced apartments is a benefit that must be emphasised when advertising to business travellers; especially to those who’ll regularly hold meetings from their temporary accommodation. Wi-Fi is a staple for any business traveller and they expect to have it readily available – and have it included in the rate. Providing a reliable internet connection free of charge is a top priority for corporate guests, and should be for operators too. Strict policies aren't desirable to business travellers either; flexibility is what they’re looking for.

Having a ‘no pets allowed’ policy will put a lot of people off. Pets are regarded as family members so it can be troublesome for a guest if one member of the family is excluded. You can accommodate them at no extra risk by establishing and agreeing extra ‘pet rent’ and bigger deposit schemes.

Offering the business traveller flexible check-in times and cancellation policies will also increase interest and may be the difference when making a booking. International guests have varying flight times that may not align with a fixed time check-in. Making allowances for this won’t only reinforce the trust and appreciation of the guest, it could also instil customer loyalty.

The reality is that business travellers are looking for a certain level of standardisation between apartments. This is so they can have the same expectations for every property and this in turn builds more trust within the sector. By supplying the same core facilities, customer service and little extras in each property, the business traveller is more likely to book with you. Look at what your rivals do well and work towards the same goal – enticing more business travellers.

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