Inside Scoop: Executive Serviced Apartments reveal all

Written by on 12th October 2012
Category: Serviced apartment news

In this week’s Inside Scoop we chat to Nicki Thomson and Maria Seymour from Executive Serviced Apartments (ESA), who tell us how FAM trips help their business and that they see SilverDoor as an extension of their own company.

Alice tells us you often have new properties in the pipeline. Could you tell us about any new locations?

Our business model is in the south of the UK; we’ve gone through a lot of expansions in the last couple of years and we’re looking to expand further. We’ve got 12 locations at the moment and they go across from Swindon to Slough, then down to Basingstoke across the M4 corridor and the south coast. One of the big things we do is standardise all of our apartments, so that when you walk into an ESA apartment, you find that they are all the same for consistency. Whether you go to an apartment in Newbury, Bournemouth or Slough, they will look pretty much identical, so our customers know exactly what they’re getting.

You’re well known at SilverDoor for your FAM trips…

It’s a good way for us to get to know your team, build relationships with people we talk to on the phone every day and also to make you more aware of what we have in terms of product. It’s good to make you aware of what we offer in terms of fittings, furnishings and service. Also, you get to know the local areas, as we take you out locally so that you can see where things are in relation to each other. Last but not least, you get to know our team, which definitely benefits both sides.

How do you think FAM trips contribute to the business?

We could talk about apartments until we’re blue in the face but until you come to visit them you can’t say too much, and what better way to get to know our product than to stay in an apartment? Then, when you’re talking to clients, you’ll know from personal experience what the apartments are like. We try to make it chilled out rather than making it too much about work.

What do SilverDoor do for you?

SilverDoor give us access to a lot more business through the clients you work with on a regular basis. You actually expand our place in the market and raise awareness of what we offer. You know our product very well, you represent us and you are our ambassadors. You’re very good at selling what we have. You’re an extension of our company and because we work so closely, if we’ve got any issues, we can talk about them and overcome them. It’s not just another booking on the computer – it’s that personal communication that counts.

To put you on the spot, who’s your favourite member of the team?

Daniel and Alex – they’re very entertaining. Daniel always looks so smart. In some places you walk into offices and no one really goes out of their way to see you, but at SilverDoor people come up to you. In terms of how friendly everyone is, you guys are well up there.

Now for the quick fire round…


Cakes or brownies: Brownies

Christmas or New Year: Christmas

Firemen or policemen: Policemen (but in new uniforms, not the old ones!)


Internet or TV: Internet

Ketchup or HP sauce: Ketchup

Metrosexual or rough and ready: Metrosexual