5 things you didn’t know about Edinburgh

Written by on 18th April 2013
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Edinburgh is one of Europe’s most beautiful cities; its tourist delights attracting visitors from all over the world for both business and leisure. Business tourism is currently worth more than £300 million per year and the Scottish capital is the second most popular destination for SilverDoor clients.

There is more to this city than Haggis and castles; here are five unconventional things you may not know about Edinburgh:

1. The Bramble

The city is home to one of the world’s best cocktails. ‘The Bramble’, on Queen Street, is the first Scottish bar to be featured within Bartender Magazine’s top 20 bars from around the globe. Try the signature Bramble cocktail: crushed ice, gin, lemon syrup and blackcurrant – sweet relief after a long day at the office.

2. Edinburgh Fringe Festival

The Edinburgh Fringe Festival was introduced in the 1940s and is a popular attraction for many visitors. However, few are aware that it’s actually the largest arts festival in the world; over 60 nations put on more than 2500 comedy, theatre, music or dance shows. The festival takes place every August and this year it is scheduled for 2nd-6th August.

3. Landscape

With scenery made up of a dormant volcano and a beach, it has one of Britain’s best city landscapes. From Arthur’s Seat, you can enjoy looking over the Old and New Towns as well as Edinburgh Castle. However, unknown to many tourists, one of the city’s best viewing spots is the Camera Obscura, located in a Victorian tower next to the castle. The hole in the roof provides visitors with spectacular 360 degree views making it well worth a trip.

4. Monarchy

Even the Queen has links to Edinburgh; she buys her cheese from ‘Valvona and Crolla’ which has four stores in the city. Founded in 1934, the company originally served Edinburgh’s immigrant Italian community and is now Scotland’s oldest delicatessen and Italian wine merchant.

5. Ghosts

It is one of Europe’s most haunted cities. In 1998, the tomb of the Mackenzie Poltergeist was opened by an unsuspecting homeless man and rumours say his spirit now haunts Greyfriars Kirkyard. Many tourists have reported feeling ill or suffering injury when visiting his tomb.

If your stay is a busy one, try to get a glimpse of the city’s landscape, ghosts and all, and sample what promises to be a superb cocktail or a slice of royal-approved cheese. With our range of serviced apartments in Edinburgh, there is something for everyone.

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