Familiarisation events

Familiarisation events

Familiarisation events
5th August 2014

One of the favourite parts of my job in the Partner Relations team has to be the familiarisation events that we get to attend. I’m not one to turn down a glass of wine and canapés so I threw myself at the opportunity - now I go to a viewing at least once a week. SilverDoor’s aim is to attend as many viewings as possible in order to ensure that our properties are verified by us. This means that a serviced apartment has been viewed by one of our staff and meets the description of the apartments provided to us by our property partners. We can then provide our clients with detailed information and have confidence in the product that we’re selling. So how does holding the event benefit the property partner?

Some of the recent viewings we’ve been on include St Martin’s Apartments in Covent Garden, Western Harbour Apartments in Edinburgh and Lambeth North Apartments in Elephant and Castle. One of the main advantages of attending viewings like these is being able to develop relationships. I speak to people on the phone every day and don’t really know anything about them aside from their property. Meeting a property partner in person and in an informal setting allows me to get to know them on a personal level, whilst gaining a better understanding of what they do and how they work. Exchanging new ideas, helping each other on common issues and then resolving these together also helps improve business practices and the maintenance of policies.

Most importantly, familiarising ourselves with the property and the area in which it’s located means that we can offer clients a more personalised service that they can trust. Once we know our clients’ needs we can make sure that we offer apartments in the best location and with the best facilities. If we’ve experienced the property ourselves then we can relay this information to the rest of the team. So I’m calling out to all of our property partners to open their doors to SilverDoor. Help us put a face to a name, sell your apartments and give our clients the best possible service.

  • By Isabel Beeby

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