London Tower Bridge at Night

Five facts you didn’t know about Tower Bridge

Written by on 5th February 2015
Category: City guides

1) Commonly referred to as London Bridge, this iconic bridge is actually called Tower Bridge, taking its name from the nearby Tower of London. Keep going down the Thames to find the lesser known London Bridge.

2) The bridge is crossed by around 40,000 people a day. Watch out if you’re crossing by car, there’s a strict 20 mph speed limit!

3) Prior to the bridge opening, pedestrians crossed the river at this point via the Tower Subway dug deep beneath the Thames. Now the subway is used for water mains!

4) Passengers on the number 78 bus had a bit of a hairy ride in 1952 as the bridge began to rise as they were still crossing! Luckily, daredevil driver Albert Gunter, thought on his feet, accelerated and cleared the three foot gap.

5) Ships always have right of way when it comes to Tower Bridge. This was proven in 1997, when the ‘unexpected’ opening of the bridge left US President, Bill Clinton’s convoy split in two. A security nightmare!

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