Five of Our Most Sociable Property Operators

Written by on 12th September 2018
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Our property partners are an innovative bunch when it comes to making guests feel welcome. Many go that extra mile in terms of hospitality with the advent of spaces and amenities created specifically for the purposes of socialising.

Gone are the days when a serviced apartment was simply a place to eat, work and sleep. A new type of socially-minded business traveller seeks curated experiences from their trips away, and serviced apartment providers have responded by offering just that.

Here we shine the spotlight on five of our most sociable operators:


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Cuckooz tailors all of its apartments to their local areas and provides bespoke location guides. Guests have a wide variety of experiences at their disposal such as wine-tasting and afternoon tea, which can be booked via the company website. Other amenities include bike hire and a personal chef service. As part of its offering, the provider boasts a workspace in Farringdon Called The Nest, combining office and crèche faculties. The Nest is a perfect place for parents to work as their children play, and comes complete with toys and reading materials. It also hosts various events including interactive workshops and exhibitions.


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A big part of Locke’s focus is neighbourhood living. This provider gets guests mingling with its wellness classes and music events – all of which take place on-site. There’s a weekly running club, as well as numerous pop-up shows. Later this month, the operator will be showcasing a private fitting at its Leman Locke property, as part of its on-going collaboration with the fashion brand, Asket.


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Native is an operator known for its eclectic apartments and authentic local experiences. All Native properties have Neighbourhood Heroes on-hand to recommend the best attractions and events, as well as steer guests in the direction of top restaurants and bars. Its Neighbourhood Heroes take pride in their local areas and range from brewers to baristas and chefs.

Urban Villa 

Urban Villa keeps guests entertained with its various on-site restaurants and bars which offer plenty of room for socialising and provide the perfect ad-on to its trendy apartments. The operator does a terrific job of shining the spotlight on London with its helpful blog content on where to go and what to do.

Dolphin Square

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Dolphin encourages healthy interaction through its first-class leisure facilities and private courtyard garden. Guests have access to a luxurious Moroccan spa – and a range of treatments – along with an extensive fitness club. The fitness club boasts a number of different classes such as spinning, core conditioning and body pump, which get people training together with a view to meeting shared exercise goals. The main garden itself has a tranquil look and feel and provides a strong sense of community with its fountain, benches and herb garden. We all know how sociable shopping can be. This operator has its very own on-site shopping arcade, meaning you never need to leave the property to pick-up any last minutes essentials.

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