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Written by on 2nd May 2013
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More than two thirds of international travellers are “more concerned about safety and security than price or diversity of experience”, reveals a 2013 global study of CNN consumers’ travel perceptions and behavioural trends. Survey respondents from over 70 countries helped to identify the most important influencing factors in their decision making process when choosing a destination for both leisure and business travel.

Results show that 67% of global respondents believe that ‘safety and security’ matters most; 60% are ‘price’ driven and 58% are driven by ‘reputation’. It’s no surprise that ‘price’ ranks second in the travel decision process, as it shows the ongoing impact of the current economic climate on consumers.

The survey also positions the UK among the top five countries around the globe that are appealing for business investment opportunities. It also reveals that 46% of global respondents believe that the UK leads Europe when it comes to safety and they are confident that they will have a trouble-free stay when visiting the country. 43% of the respondents emphasise that the UK’s reputation of being ‘most established and welcoming’ is a strong reason for visiting the country.

When it comes to attracting international travellers in the immediate future, 38% of global respondents told the CNN that they would consider a visit to the UK in the next year, positioning itself only second behind the US in a list of the top 25 destinations most likely to be visited in the next 12 months. In terms of global perception, these results reflect positively on the UK. After a successful Olympic year, the country is even more attractive from a commercial perspective, which is portrayed with the increase in demand for serviced apartments not only in London, but in Manchester, Birmingham and Edinburgh, amongst others.

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