Safety within the Business Travel Sector

The Importance of Health & Safety in Business Travel

Written by on 10th September 2015
Category: Business Travel

Mentioning health and safety may trigger images of children wearing goggles to play conkers but it’s a necessary element of all successful business travel functions. Planes wouldn’t fly, trains would stay stationary and serviced apartments would lay empty if it wasn’t for meeting stringent health and safety guidelines.

Unfortunately, there are a number of accommodation options available to today’s business traveller that bypass the assurances of quality and safety that you’d expect. Sharing economy companies utilise stock that’s insufficiently regulated and puts travel managers at risk of neglecting their duty of care to their employees. There’s no way of ensuring that the owner of a property with whom you have a relationship built over the internet is in ownership of the correct health and safety documentation or is aware of how to respond when, god forbid,  the worst happens.

Thankfully, we ensure that all of our property partners are operating their serviced apartments to a high standard and in line with the required health and safety standards. Our Partner Relationships team have long-standing, honest relationships with our property partners and make sure that all serviced apartments on the SilverDoor website meet the high standards we require for our clients. We want all of our clients to feel relaxed, knowing that they’re staying in accommodation that is of a high quality, well managed and, ultimately, safe.

Time will tell if business travellers will adopt the sharing economy model as a viable option for their accommodation requirements or if companies make sufficient changes to their model to enable greater levels of assurance. But, until that day, if it ever comes, serviced apartments offer business travellers with the best accommodation experience that doesn’t leave travel managers waking up in cold sweats.

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